Evaluation of how English is taught to beginners in a private school in Cyprus, with particular reference to the four language skills of speaking, writing, listening and reading Essay

Evaluation of how English is taught to beginners in a private school in Cyprus, with particular reference to the four language skills of speaking, writing, listening and readingTeaching English to children for who English is not the first language can pose tremendous challenges. Teaching English can either occur in the government system of education or in a private school setting.

The language skills that are evaluated should be based on the performance in the four different components, namely speaking, writing, listening and reading.Each component of the language requires special skills. The skill level of the student learning the language varies. The skills vary with the age of the child that is learning the language. The younger the children, the easier it is for them to learn a new language. The mind is receptive to new concepts.

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The methodology of the English teaching is evaluated here. The students are from a private school in Cyprus, who learn English as a second language.The aim of the English teaching program would be to help the students have a competency in their ability to use English as a medium of communication. The teaching methodology varies with each of the component.When the teaching is evaluated, the criteria for evaluation should differ for each of the English learning components. The evaluation should also take into consideration the age of the children learning English. A valid and reliable method of assessment is necessary.Evaluation of writing abilityThe children can be asked to write on a specific topic for a specified period of time.

The evaluation of the writing skills of the children can be based on a checklist prepared. This will help to evaluate the effectiveness of the teaching program. Writing skill in children is more important as the children need to know the spellings of various words. Here the method of assessment should also be set for easier evaluation.Evaluation of the reading ability:The children will read a particular passage from a text. The key areas of the assessment would include factors such as pronunciation, the comprehension, the speed of reading and other such aspects.Evaluation of the Listening abilityThe children who are part of the class that has been studying English can have a passage from a text read out to them.

After the reading, certain simple questions can be asked. The ability of the child to answer will assess the comprehension and the listening ability. It is imperative that the passage read out is simple. The reason for this consideration is the age of the children.Evaluation of the speaking ability:As compared to the evaluation of the other components of the English language, the evaluation of speaking is considerably simple. The evaluator may have a set of questions which the child is expected to answer. The assessment of the ability to speak is based on the language used by the child and the flow of language.

Based on these evaluations of the various components of English language, the conclusion can be drawn on the effectiveness of the teaching methods. Evaluation of a particular teaching method is dependent on the performance of the student. So, the performance of the students in the various components of the language tests will be indirectly evaluating the teaching method followed and its effectiveness.If two groups of children are taught by two different teachers, then the comparison will be easier. The evaluation of the teaching methods of the two different teachers can be based on the performance of the students.

The evaluation must be for each of the different components of English. The methodology of the teacher with the better performing student group can be said to better if the difference is found to be statistically significant based on the evaluation scores.. 


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