Evaluate the Advantages and Disadvantages of Globalization for Business Essay

How can effective teamwork in organisations make business more profitable? Nowadays, most of the organizations try to develop some kind of teamwork in their businesses. Teamwork originated in workplaces, since people began to operate collectively through organisations. Over the years various rules, ideas, practices and theories that constitute the evolution of teamwork and management have developed. Teamwork can be considered one of the oldest human activities.The ancient Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans dealt with practical teamwork as shown by the major projects – monuments constructed thousands of years ago, and which could not be done, if there was no understanding of cooperative activities of the individual and the concept of teamwork. In this essay we are going through the importance of teamwork in organizations as developed by related authors, to find out the advantages and how this concept can make a business more profitable. To begin with, in a business which working in a team is very important to construct an effective teamwork rather than ineffective.

This will be accomplished if there is a true organization in the business. As written by team work and group dynamics book pg. 39 “Team members cannot provide task and social inputs unless they have the necessary knowledge, skills and ability. An effective team must be comprised by individuals who have characteristics that allow them to understand the meaning of their job and at the same time to express their ideas and solutions for the profitability of the business.

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” Also, these characteristics will allow them to help with the best way a new member in the team by teaching him all about the awareness and collaboration which exists.In addition, cultured and intelligent people likely will have cooperation and understanding between each other as well as performing their goals better. Moreover, it is crucial that in each team, a clear direction and goals is given from hierarchy above. For example all members must know the ambitions and the aims of the business and particularly the tasks they have to develop. Managers have to explain to their employees their demands and give them clear responsibilities. They also have to show them confidence so the eam be empowered to determine the goal.

In the other part, the team members must cooperate and be able to rely on all the other members to carry out their roles. The good climate in a company or large organization, the existence of targets and rewarding achieves these objectives, leads into successful teamwork and profits. The good manager must have programming and communication with the lower administrative executives of an organization or enterprise. The role of the manager is very important as he or she should establish targets.As Greg Stewarts pg. 39 suggests “Team member compatibility is an important factor, and a common prescription for teams is to choose members who are compatible with each other. ” The author wants to emphasize the importance of relationship between the members. At first, all the members must operate as family.

The most valuable factor in a business is to have members who have excellent communication and express their appreciation between them so in a difficult situation at the job will be facing the failure together and suffer the consequences equally.If the group of people has know-how, specially designed model and organization, technical and sales tools – but no spirit of cooperation and teamwork, then the results will not be encouraging. Recently I visited a big organization, a bank, to get my student card. I notice that the environment in the bank was very pleasant. All employees were at their offices working very hard, the manager was in his office writing to the computer, the cashiers were serving the people quickly and everybody was doing his job very effectively. In a few moments I finished my job and left very happy.Some time my sister visited another bank, but she return home very stressed and discomfort. She said that at the bank she visited, the manager was speaking loudly on the phone for personal matters, 3 of the employees were on leave, and 2 other employees were outside to smoke, 1 cashier was only working to serve many people.

Which bank will be more profitable and has more customers in the future? As understood, teamwork needs these and many other factors to be effective but the main role regards the organization, the managers and then the members. But if a business achieve to make an effective teamwork it will be very advantageous or them. As written by Harvey Robbins, “Teams increase productivity”.

Team members have the opportunity to be closer to the reality of the business and particularly to the customers, to the products and generally to all the problems which are probably existent in the business. This it seems that they know better all about the situation of the organization, so they can increase the productivity of it by giving new and clever ideas and also will always be ready to face and solve the problems that occur. Furthermore teams listeners swiftness in the organizations and this help in a big extent the increasing of productivity.As much as the development of technology is very high the productivity depends of individuals. And surely the results of many hands are better, quicker and they are easier from the one hand.

Alongside that Harvey Robbins suggests pg. 11 that ‘’Teams increase knowledge, at the right moment is the key to continuous improvement. ’’ As explained before members are closer to the truth. So as working in teamwork the each member shares their ideas with the rest and expresses their opinion and the result will be very beneficial for the organization because the members gain knowledge.Moreover this fact improves the communication in the organization because the team members operate together and with an excellent communication they will achieve to increase their knowledge.

So the development of knowledge shows the increasing of communication as well. In conclusion, some last words, effective teamwork and self control are the only tools that add value to the dynamic and responsibility of the person through the joint Direction to the vision and effort by setting their targets in herewith teamwork, motivation, guides, organizing people to do a job properly, resulting in a profit.This is the purpose of the organization and it becomes easier with teamwork between the individual and collective success. if there is universal participation of all levels that works at a body, then this is the key to success.

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