Ethics For A New Millinium Research Essay

Ethical motives For A New Millinium Essay, Research PaperEthical motives for a New MilliniumIn a quickly turning market, responsible and dependable service is a must for any concern to be successful. Guaranting moralss in the work topographic point non merely makes for more productive workers, it besides insures happy clients.

If ethical behaviour is non followed by employees on all degrees, the productiveness will be affected. Persons most be able to swear each other inside the work topographic point, without concerns of being cheated. Boss to secretary, secretary to worker, work to stamp, and so on. This ethical codifications should be enforced steadfastly with no exclusion to rank, or, it will do unethical behaviour at lower degrees as good. Ethical motives must besides be a function in covering with consumers every bit good. A believable name in concern goes further than any advertisement strategy. If a client feels he is being treated ill or below the belt, they will more than probably take their concern else where. And, With the debut of E-commerce this facet of concern even more of import.

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With less and less face to face concern a companies name can either do or interrupt them. If their monetary values vary, they don t deliver on clip, or what small contact they have with client International Relations and Security Network t up T o par, the company won t last. Quality service is still the most important aspect of doing business. Another aspect of ethical business is a companies obligation to the environment. With an increasing population, we must try our best to conserve the only planet we have.

Companies that cause waste products that are dangerous to the air, water, or land because it s cheaper are not practicing ethics. We as consumers are the final say on this topic. If now about unethical practices in a business, and continue to use their services this only shows apathy. Thus, allowing them to take more and more. For example, NIKE, this company had many factories in Asia called sweat shops where underage workers were being paid salaries unfit for any human. And yet U.S.

citizens still paid up to 100$ for shoes. They did this just to increase their profit lines. This action would have surely continued had this not been brought to the public eye. In consequence, NIKE made drastic changes to correct the situation. And thus setting a standard for the apparel market worldwide.

If NIKE had not been caught these unethical acts might not have been discovered. So no matter how much the business world changes ethics are still a cornerstone for any successful company.


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