Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Ethical Selling Essay

Ethical Selling Essay

In this modern-day period. most consumers base their assurance concerning merchandises and services on their popularity. Famous trade names which are used by known and outstanding famous persons and personalities are frequently patronized and trusted by the bulk of the consumers ( Bannister & A ; Bonnice.

1986 ) . Yet the quality of these trade names is non truly known to the consumers unless they start utilizing the merchandise or one time they avail the service.However. known and widely-used trade names of merchandises or services.

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being patronized and recognized by most consumers. make non merely travel with the thought that they have to derive much net income. In title. they have to guarantee their clients and clients that their merchandises or services are of high quality in order to guarantee besides that there would be a good net income that would come to them as exchange for keeping superior and sure quality of their merchandises or services. Yet. non all consumers base their purchasing attitude entirely on the quality of the merchandise or service.They besides consider the monetary value. The cheaper the monetary value of the merchandise or service.

the more the consumers are attracted to purchase them. But this does non propose that all consumers are after inexpensive monetary values. However. there are some consumers who neglect the quality of the merchandise or service merely to hold them at cheaper and more low-cost monetary values ( Bannister & A ; Bonnice. 1986 ) . For these grounds. the high spot of advertizement is non on the quality of the merchandise or service but more on its monetary value.

And the quality that is supposed to be the thing that the maker and the consumer should continue is being neglected in a manner that some makers make bogus presentations in advertizements merely to market their merchandises or service. Many of these merchandises are frequently found in T. V Shopping advertizements in which the consumers can non truly prove the lastingness. the quality. or the serviceableness of the merchandise. But because the advertizers are so good in doing bogus presentations. they easy deceive and attract consumers to purchase their merchandises ( Cook. 2001 ) .

An illustration merchandise that is being advertized at telecastings every bit good as cyberspaces is a rug cleansing agent named Bosun 12v Cordless Wet and Dry Vacuum. It is a hand-held vacuity cleaner that can be used to clean wet and dry spills on rugs. A peculiar telecasting station airs legion advertizements of merchandises and services. And one of the merchandises that is being advertized in that telecasting station is Bosun.

Yet. the merchandise is questioned for its quality when one of the costumiers complained that Bosun has a low quality and that it merely works for three to five hebdomads.Besides. the costumier said that the merchandise is faulty in a sense that it does non truly clean moisture spills on rug which is included in its advertizement as one of its alone map. However.

the maker of the merchandise claimed that their merchandise is non faulty. Truly. misrepresentation in selling is being employed by some makers to derive much net income for their ain interest. They do non recognize that their map is to supply good and efficient merchandises to the consumers and non to harm or lead on them merely for their ain involvement ( Cook.

2001 ) .As claimed by the Utilitarian Principle. bring forthing the greatest good or greatest felicity for the greatest figure is the criterion of what is right or incorrect.

If this rule would be used to measure the above scenario. the maker of Bosun failed to move morally. Besides. if the Kantian Ethical motives would be used to measure the given instance. the makers of Bosun would still be labeled as immoral for they failed to make their responsibility –that is supplying good and efficient merchandises for the consumers ( Beauchamp & A ; Bowie.

2003 ) .There are many studies about fraud advertizements. in telecastings. wirelesss. print stuffs. and cyberspace ( Cook. 2001 ) .

And genuinely. there are Torahs that condemn the act of it. Yet. many are still practising fraud advertisement for the interest of obtaining more money.

They failed to follow the Categorical Imperative suggested by Kant that is to ever handle human existences as terminals and non simply means to an terminal. This entails that makers and advertizers must esteem the consumers’ rights and non utilize them for their ain advantage ( Beauchamp & A ; Bowie. 2003 ) .