Ethical Dilemma Research Paper

Ethical Dilemma Research Paper

Original Situation

A UAE based building company has begun to spread out its operations and embarked on new building undertakings that require enlargement of its work force and labourers. The motive behind this move is to maximise net incomes with the bing work force of labourers. However, things have non turned out for the company as they had planned and utmost clip force per unit area has forced it to either engage more labourers or take excess work from the bing labour. If it fails to present on clip and run into its deadline, it would hold really inauspicious effects of on its overall evaluations that will lay waste to the future chances of the company. On the other manus, it is non able to engage more labour instantly because about all of the labourers come from foreign states and hiring of new labourers is a clip taking undertaking that can non be completed within the deadline. There are assorted issues including visas and security clearance and after fulfilling all these issues, merely so the company can import the labour from other states.

If company follows this path, it will lose its deadline and the consequences would be as discussed above. On the other manus, company has the option of taking some excess work from the bing work force and widening their work hours. It would be against the human-centered concerns and International and UAE labour Torahs. The Chief executive officer of the house is really baffled at this clip.

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It was his thought to spread out the operations and acquire new contracts. If he now fails to present this, it will hold serious deductions for him every bit good along with the house. He has eventually decided to widen the work hours of bing labour force with a small addition in their wages and benefits. They are now being forced to work for more hours and their benefits are non matched to their attempts. In short, they are being exploited by the company. Mr.

Hassan is a local employee in this company and serves at a in-between degree managerial function. He is really much concerned at this state of affairs and is experiencing guilty at the development of foreign labour. He has talked to CEO but he refused to listen to him and forbade him from discoursing it in future warning that it may hold serious deductions for Hassan if he reports or negotiations to anyone else about this affair. Now Hassan is concerned in an ethical quandary. Either he can allow things work as they are and think more about his ain occupation and calling or he can describe this affair to labour governments and put on the line his occupation.

The study of this affair to governments may set his occupation in hazard but he will be more satisfied for seting an terminal to the development of labourers. He is caught in this quandary and does non cognize what he should make.This scenario relates to a struggle of involvement between Hassan’s personal involvement and those of foreign labourers at big.

Analysis of the Situation

Misdemeanor of UAE Labor Law

Harmonizing to UAE Labor Law, the maximal on the job hours are eight hours that includes that an employee must nit work invariably for more than five hours and after that he should hold interruption. ( Staff, 2013 ) It farther provinces that work hours may be extended to nine hours for people working in trade, hotels, cafeterias and guards. ( News, 2013 ) However the employees must be paid for all the overtime that includes day-to-day per hr pay plus no less than 25 per centum of his pay. If his overtime comes on Friday, he must be given another twenty-four hours off for proper remainder and relaxation.

( Ahmad, 2012 ) None of these Torahs is being met at the company. Laborers are working for excess hours but they are non been given the due overtime rate. In add-on to this, they sometimes work throughout the hebdomad and do non hold any vacations that puts excess load on them and upset their work life balance. All these conditions combined indicate that higher direction is wholly disregarding the statute laws and is involved in illegal activities.

It strengthens the thought that Hassan should describe this issue.

Human-centered Concern

In add-on to this, this quandary has human-centered concern every bit good. Most of this labour and work force comes from hapless states and these people can non afford to decline to the higher direction because if they do so, they’ll have to travel back to their states which these hapless people can non afford. ( Shoul, 2009 ) They have non many options available and they require some UAE national to take attention of their predicament.

They are non good versed with the UAE labour Law every bit good and at this forepart every bit good, they are at loss. It makes really necessary for Hassan to describe this issue and acquire the jobs of this labour resolved because they can non assist themselves and Hassan must take the involvements of a larger figure of hapless people over his personal involvement.

Fairness and Justice Approach

Another land on which Hassan can work out this quandary is Fairness and Justice Approach. This attack states that all human existences have the right to be treated every bit and if for some grounds, they can’t be treated every bit ; there must be some standards that guarantee their proper intervention. ( Mayer, 2013 ) In this scenario, people are non being treated every bit. External labour is being exploited since they can non assist themselves.

The direction has dual criterions sing these people. Although these people can’t be treated as peers to the UAE subjects, still there must be some standards for their proper intervention by the house. Company must follow the same labour Torahs for everyone and should non utilize this jurisprudence as to derive its personal undue advantage at the cost of the labourers who can non support their rights. The development by company is a absolute misdemeanor of rule of Fairness and Justice and Mr. Hassan can besides use this attack to come to a solution. ( Shanks, 2013 )

Principle of Greater Good

There is besides another rule in this respect that Mr.

Hassan can utilize to come to a decision. This is the rule of greater good. It states the people should do determinations that serve the intent of improvement of greater figure of people. It states that one should do determinations that are for the improvement and good of the society as a whole. ( Principles of Common Good, 2013 ) One must non believe for one’s personal ends and benefits instead he should believe of the society as a whole and take determinations that are for the benefit of greater figure of people although it may compromise his personal benefits and single bets. This is the rule that provides base for the strong foundation of a society because if people start believing at this form, the society can be improved as a whole because now everyone will play one’s function.

( Anderson ) In the present scenario, Mr. Hassan can besides look to this rule. Although his ain personal involvement is at interest, but the labour is in greater figure and if he reports the issue, he will be functioning for greater good.

If he decides to take action and even gets punished for this act, he will be satisfied because he would hold ended the agony of a batch of people. His action will besides non be of some danger and disloyalty to his house. It is non his firm’s determination to work the employee ; instead it is the Chief executive officer who is making this in order to salvage his ain face. He has put at interest lives of great figure of labourers and besides company’s good will in order to accomplish his end and salvage himself from deductions. His action is of a really selfish nature that can endanger both work force and company as a whole.

Governments may one twenty-four hours happen the truth themselves and it would be a fatal blow to company’s good will. If Mr. Hassan takes the enterprise and studies this affair himself, he’ll be making benefit to the house every bit good because he will be unveiling the actions of such a Chief executive officer who is a existent danger to the house.DecisionIn aftermath of the events discussed supra, it should be really easy for Mr. Hassan to take a determination and study improper, inhumane patterns of the CEO to UAE Labor governments and convey an terminal to the agonies of labourers. These people are being exploited because of their failings and restrictions and they are non able to assist themselves so it is the responsibility of some UAE national to assist these people. He must unveil these actions so that they are non repeated in the hereafter.

Islam being the most ethical faith has besides preached the same thing. It states that the rewards of everyone’s attempts must be sensible and echt. Furthermore, if any one witnesses some inhumane pattern, he must seek to halt it. ( Syed ) So in stead of the ethical criterions of Islam and all other factors discussed supra, Mr. Hassan must describe the actions of CEO. It may convey jobs and deductions for him, but he will be making the responsibility of greater good and satisfaction achieved after this action will be greater than any material benefit.

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