Ethan FromeComparison Of Mattie And Zeena Essay

Ethan Frome-Comparison Of Mattie And Zeena Essay, Research PaperEthan Frome EssayCompare and Contrast the characters of Mattie and ZeenaIn the novel Ethan Frome, by Edith Wharton, the characters of MattieSilver and Zeena Frome are dissimilar in many ways.

Mattie is a compassionate,lively, surpassing adult female who tries difficult and has a positive mentality on life. Zeena, on the other manus, is a pessimistic, cold-hearted, and dull adult female who is excessively self-involved to hold merriment in her life.Possibly the biggest difference between the two is Mattie s adventuresomespirit compared to Zeena s dull, humdrum life style. Mattie enjoys activities such as traveling sleighing down unsafe hills, dance, and socialising with many of the people of Starkfield. Zeena stays at place all twenty-four hours unless she has one of her frequent illnesss, in which instance she might do a visit to the physician.

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Otherwise she goes to bed instantly after supper every dark, which is barely an exciting life. This is a glaringly obvious discrepancy from Mattie s personality.Besides, Mattie is much more compassionate than Zeena. An illustration ofZeena s cold-heartedness is seen when she fires Mattie, her ain comparative, giving Mattie nowhere to travel and no occupation accomplishments on tungstenhich to last. Most people would non make this to their ain family. Mattie, on the other manus, is a really compassionate towards others, including Zeena.

She is truly concerned for Zeena s wellness when Zeena had to see the physician and whenever Zeena wasn T experiencing good. She wants nil but to make a good adequate occupation around the house so that Zeena will be pleased with her.Besides, Zeena is a pessimist while Mattie ever tries to trust for the best. For illustration, Zeena is told by the physician that she is ill and shouldn T work so hard. Zeena takes this to intend that she is every bit good as dead if she doesn t hire a better amah than Mattie.

Mattie, nevertheless, attempts to happen some good when things are looking down for her. When Zeena fires her and she has nowhere else to travel and no occupation skills that would do anybody desire to engage her, she still tells Ethan that she will certainly happen a occupation in a shop someplace, and that he shouldn T concern about her. Even though she knows deep down that there is really small opportunity of her doing it on her ain, she tries to remain positive about it.These are some of the many differences between Zeena and Mattie in thebook Ethan Frome.

Zeena is a negative, cold, deadening adult female, while Mattie ispositive about life, is really caring, and has a batch of exhilaration in her life.


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