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Ethan Frome Essay, Research PaperThe 100s of pages in a typical novel come together to organize an intricate web, whose many strands may be united in the heads of readers to organize different readings. In many instances, writers represent of import issues or most relevant subjects with symbols or metaphors. Often these little symbols can be overlooked easy in a drawn-out novel. But as Edith Wharton brightly demonstrates in her novel Ethan Frome, one manner to efficaciously stress a book & # 8217 ; s cardinal symbol is through the narrative & # 8217 ; s scene. The many cosmopolitan subjects of literature which surface in Wharton & # 8217 ; s book are skilfully symbolized in the parallel she creates between the characters in the novel and the winter scene.Ethan Frome takes topographic point during the winter in the rural town of Starkfield, Massachusetts. Like most New England towns during the 1920s, cold conditions and heavy snowfall make Starkfield a rough environment for several months of the twelvemonth.

During the winter, green workss dice and the foliages fall from the trees. The sky turns grey and eternal snow covers every bit far as the oculus can see. The Starkfield winter seems to Ethan like an ineluctable power. Each twelvemonth it will kill everything that is beautiful and leave nil but acrimonious coldness and grey.The rough environment of winter is non the merely negative power in Ethan & # 8217 ; s life.

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His married woman Zeena is a similar force that controls Ethan and contributes to his sadness. Zeena is an ugly, bitter, old adult female. She foremost came to Starkfield to care for Ethan & # 8217 ; s vomit female parent. Ethan & # 8217 ; s mother died in the early wintertime, and to avoid being left entirely and stray during the alone winter months in front, Ethan asked Zeena to get married him. Later in the novel on page 29 Ethan explains, & # 8220 ; It would non hold happened if Mother died in spring alternatively of winter. & # 8221 ;The rough winter in the narrative symbolizes Zeena & # 8217 ; s consequence on Ethan.

Like the winter uses air current and snow, Zeena uses prevarications and use to command Ethan. She fakes illness and plays upon Ethan & # 8217 ; s duty as a hubby in order to pin down Ethan in matrimony and insulate him from others. Ethan has no greater opportunity of get awaying Zeena than he has of get awaying winter. He realizes that he can & # 8217 ; t get away destiny.But so one twenty-four hours destine brings a spot of visible radiation into the grey skies of Starkfield. Ethan hears that Zeena & # 8217 ; s niece, Mattie, will be coming to remain in Starkfield to assist Zeena with some of the housekeeping.

Ethan prepares for the miss & # 8217 ; s reaching by seting some geraniums inside The house. He worries about Mattieā€™s accommodation to Starkfield and hopes that the flowers will add some heat and colour to the grey out-of-doorss. Everyday Ethan puts the pot of flowers near the window for sunshine, and every dark he takes them off from the cold glass. Ethan knows that flowers are non meant for Starkfield winters. He protects the geraniums from the cold because he knows that they will decease if exposed to the winter for excessively long.

Ethan & # 8217 ; s geraniums symbolically represent the character of Mattie. Like the flowers, Mattie seems out of topographic point in Starkfield. Her gay attitude and warm temperament service as dramatic contrasts to the dull Frome family. Ethan loves Mattie and the felicity he brings to his life.

On page 14 he describes her as, & # 8220 ; the lighting of a fire on a cold hearth. & # 8221 ;Zeena, nevertheless, is non happy with Mattie around. Zeena feels that Mattie is taking away the control that she has over Ethan.

She feels threatened and frights that Ethan will non give her the attending and control that she demands. As a consequence, Zeena is cold and rough towards Mattie. She proves that she still has control over Ethan, by exerting her control over Mattie. When Zeena sends Mattie off, she proves one time and for all that Ethan & # 8217 ; s ineluctable destiny is in Starkfield with her.

Ethan eventually recognizes that Mattie does non belong in the Frome family any more than geraniums belong in the snow.So after the & # 8220 ; smash-up & # 8221 ; , when Mattie stays in Starkfield under the attention of Zeena, she meets the destiny of any geranium fighting to last in the winter. Mattie dies indoors. Her heat and plangency disappear so that merely dried, dead subdivisions of her lost young person remain. Ethan excessively becomes crippled and lifeless. As Mr.

Hale describes on page two of the novel, & # 8220 ; He & # 8217 ; s been in Starkfield excessively many winters. & # 8221 ;Because winter is such an of import symbol in Ethan Frome, it seems that the narrative couldn & # 8217 ; Ts take topographic point in any other scene. Readers personally relate to the stray feeling of winter and hence they relate to the characters on an even more personal degree. By making a analogue between the characters in the narrative and the winter scene, the writer emphasizes some of import cosmopolitan subjects of literature. By showing inquiries of love, destiny, and tragedy the writer forces the reader to look at the universe in a new manner. She allows readers to acknowledge the concealed calamities all around them.Wharton, Edith. Ethan Frome.

New York: Dover Publications, INC. 1991


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