Essay of study, Environmental Health specialization (B.A.)

Essay 2) Explain why you have chosen your planned field or study? Why this field of study is important to you? How you plan to use the education you will gain after graduation?I have chosen the field of study, Environmental Health specialization (B.A.

) in believe that it may attract the non-profit organizations in Yemen which provide services for people in various ways and are intended to enhance the public good by helping refugees, researching on environmental issues and promoting human rights and monitoring practices of governments, supporting community development like water scarcity in Yemen. But their salary is very low, because the funding of these organizations depend on private donors but what really matters to me is helping my community as I can.Also, I have chosen the field of study, International Business (I.B) in believe that through my studies and after I will receive my Bachelor Certificate I will be able to work in any organization, whether profit or non-profit organizations or in a company. What I really enjoy about this major is that with experience and with gaining skills you can master the job and be successful. However, since profit is the motivating force in business, it is only natural that many people are motivated by high salary. The starting salary in many companies, businesses and banks is higher than the government’s job.

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These fields of study are important to me, because I feel that I can work with my B.A. during my part time as a volunteer and participate in voluntary work in some of the offices and branches of the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) in Yemen like Human Rights Watch, International Red Cross and many others because of the continuous conflict in Yemen. The most important goal I want to attain, is not to have a job for the sake of money, but I want to have a job that I really enjoys, so that I can be more creative, innovative and can help others.I plan to use the education I will gain after graduation by promoting understanding and cooperation among my fellow citizens in my community in Yemen and try to make our beloved country change for the better. I will concentrate on important and vital issues like environment, pollution of the city Sana’a and garbage non pickup because of the present conflict in Yemen. The Yemenis awake daily to the problems of environmental pollution which become a headache, with no easy remedies in sight.

The left over garbage threatens the citizens in the city of Sana’a with dirty polluted water, rats, insects and lizards that may cause a number of illness like Cholera, etc… This makes me believe that I may help by applying my studies in educating the girls in my community with theses dangers and try helping others in need; because humans are to humans.


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