for kirklands class Essay

I believe that the province should non by itself have the power to declare war on another state or state without the consent of the national authorities. the ground behind why I think this is because I believe that the authorities itself has adequate power to maintain the subdivisions and there paper plants in order and to make what is needed and expected of them to make nil easel over that or under. I besides believe that we south Carolinians if we do non wish what north Korea is making we should merely remain out of it unless north Korea brings us into it and the ground I think this is because.

us south Carolinians declaring war on north Korea merely because we don’t like what they are making is reasonably stupid to me. I believe we are smart plenty to calculate it out without declaring war on a state or a state.If south Carolina is holding jobs keeping their imbibing H2O supplies. and if the authorities has attempted legion times to rectify the job.

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but has repeatedly failed. I believe that the authorities should job acquire aid organize a nether authorities or aid from whoever can repair this job because we need H2O and without H2O we will decease. I believe that the national authorities should beagle to take action because it is a life or decease state of affairs so yes I think that the authorities of South Carolina besides known as the local authorities should be able to acquire aid from the national authorities and take the steps needed to repair this job.

I believe that the local authorities should seek to calculate it out before acquiring aid from the national authorities. and if the national authorities can’t fix it so I think that the national authorities should beagle to inquire another authorities for aid to repair this life or decease state of affairs. But if they need to close down the mill so they should make it because if the south Carolinians don’t have any H2O they could decease and they need H2O because H2O was made to maintain us alive merely like nutrient was made to maintain us alive without H2O you can’t take a shower either and so everyone would stink.If the local chemical mill is doing this job so they need to close the chemical mill down and travel it to a different country so it can’t cause any longer jobs to our H2O systems and we would necessitate to travel it to a topographic point where it can’t contaminate anything that could herm us or trouble oneself us like were its non near to a farm nutrient supplies or H2O supplies.


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