Example, Outline, and Introduction Sample Essay

Here are the instructions you will see for the essay lineation and debut subdivision of the trial:Answer the undermentioned inquiry to the best of your ability. Construct an lineation and debut that addresses and fulfills the demands of all parts of the essay inquiry. Adequate information and information must be included to have full recognition. You should show a cogent statement based on your critical analysis of the inquiry posed and your apprehension of history every bit good as geographics.The indispensable elements of an debut:1. Repeat the inquiry by rephrasing. and include solid background information ( who? .

what? . when? . where? )2. Bespeak the major points to be discussed in the organic structure paragraphs. Do non merely merely name the points. but develop them sufficiently.3. State your defensible.

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across-the-board thesis that connects all the major points together. Underscore your thesis statement.

Here is a sample inquiry. lineation and debut:Question:In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

get downing an epoch of exchange between two antecedently unconnected universes.A ) Define the Columbian ExchangeB ) Identify TWO things transported from the New World to the Old World. and discourse their impact.C ) Identify TWO things transported from the Old World to the New World. and discourse their impact.

Columbian ExchangeBacillus– cherished metals– tomatoes
C– Equus caballuss-smallpox
Motion of people. coinage.

workss. animate beings and disease from Europe to the Americas ( and frailty versa )– gold. Ag ; used for currency ( made female parent states highly affluent & A ; powerful )– one of several workss brought ; improved nutrition & A ; assortment ( but minimum impact on environment )– used as animals of load & A ; conveyance ; improved productiveness. travel & A ; communicating– killed every bit many as 90 % of Amerinds ; easier for Europeans to suppress ; increased demand for slaves ( from Africa ) ( Europeans had better unsusceptibility due to domestication )

Introduction samples:1. Columbus transported cherished metals and tomatoes.

and Equus caballuss and variola during in the Columbian exchange. This was good for some people and bad for some others. Rate: D ; no background information ; major points merely listed and non developed or connected with their points of beginning ; no basic statement of what the Columbian exchange was ; wrong information ( “Columbus transported” … implies that Columbus entirely did this ( in fact. 1000s of Spanish people initiated this procedure ) ) ; thesis is weak. equivocal. and fails to do any defensible statement.

2. In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. get downing an epoch of exchange between two antecedently unconnected universes.

Cherished metals and tomatoes were transported from the New World to the Old World. and Equus caballuss and variolas were transported from the Old World to the New World. Columbus’ voyages began an exchange of many things that changed the universe forever.

Class: C ; small background information ; merely repeating the inquiry ; no paraphrasing ; major points listed. but non developed ; thesis begins decently. but is equivocal and fails to do any important or defensible statement.3. In 1492.

Columbus sailed the ocean blue. He began to interchange people. workss.

animate beings. and diseases. Two things that were transported from the New World to the Old World were cherished metals and tomatoes. Two things that were transported from the Old World to the New World were Equus caballuss and variola. The Columbian Exchange was better for the Old World and worse for the New World.Class: B- ; small background information ; largely merely repeating the inquiry and non rephrasing ; major points listed. but non developed ; some statement of the significance of the Columbian Exchange. but with wrong information ( “He began to exchange” …ignores 1000s of others ) ; the thesis presents a defensible statement.

but fails to link all the chief points of the essay inquiry.4. In 1492.

Christopher Columbus. a Genovese crewman. set out for the freshly unified land of Spain and discovered a New World in the Western Hemisphere.

Through subsequent European expeditions Columbus and the Spanish people began a monolithic exchange of people. workss. coinage. animate beings and disease between the continents of the Americas and Europe. The Europeans acquired valuable natural stuffs from the Americas such as gold. Ag.

and new and alimentary workss such as tomatoes.In bend. the Europeans transferred valuable animals of load such as Equus caballuss to transform the New World. and unwittingly transmitted the deathly disease variola. which decimated the native populations. Columbus’ ocean trip ushered in a new epoch of globalisation between Europe and the Americas.

reassigning resources and beings which greatly benefited the Europeans. but proved black for the Native Americans.Class: A+ ; solid and compendious background information ; essay inquiry paraphrased and originally interpreted ; major points identified and developed in a concise narration ; strong thesis that connects all the elements of the inquiry ( pretty snazzy if I do state so myself )


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