Ernest Hemingway Chris Ivie Research Paper

Ernest Hemingway Research Paper

 Chris Ivie American Literature Dr. Breeden 10/2/96 Many of Ernest Hemingway & # 8217 ; s books have had different significance and all could be interpreted in different manner, but at that place has ne’er been so much written about his other narratives. Well the Old Man and the Sea had more written about it than any of his other novels and there have ne’er been so many different types of readings about his other novels.

The Old Man and the Sea is a book in which can be interpreted in many different ways. Here you will read what many critics have composed about the narrative of a great author, Ernest Hemingway. Many of the critics have the same mentality on the plants of Hemingway. Hemingway & # 8217 ; s work The Old adult male and the Sea can be looked at in many different positions. All the critics believed that his styling of authorship was really defined.

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In 1944 Ernest Hemingway went to Havana, Cuba and it was at that place he wrote a missive to Maxwell Perkins which states he has a thought on a new novel called The Old Man and the Sea ( Nelson and Jones 139 ) .Hemingway first got his thought for The Old Man and the Sea from the narratives that he had heard in the little fish metropoliss in Cuba by a adult male named Carlos Gutierrez. He had known of this adult male for about 20 old ages and the narratives of the combat marlins. It was so that he imagined that adult male under the two fortunes and came up with the thought.

After about 20 old ages of chew overing on the narrative, he decided that he would get down on the novel of The Old Man and the Sea. The narrative The Old Man and the Sea is about a old adult male named Santiago who has to over come the great forces of nature. Thingss seem to ever travel incorrect for him because originally he started out traveling to angle for some dinner, so he caught the biggest marlin of all time and it pulled him out in the bay of Cuba even more so he was. After he was pulled out, he hurt his custodies and couldn & # 8217 ; t hazard traveling to kip because of the hazard of sharks.

When the sharks eventually attacked he lost the marlin which had become a great portion of him because he knew that no 1  would believe him when he told them the size of the marlin. This has to be one of the most memorable battles in a novel that I have of all time seen, but I think that the manner he put the novel together was merely every bit good as that of the battle.When he put them together it was so that he relized that what he was really composing about was a battle of adult male vs. nature. He liked the thought of adult male vs. nature and decided to utilize it in the battle scene with the marlin.

Magill wrote, & # 8221 ; the book can be seen as a fabrication of the unconquerable spirit of adult male, a animal capable of snaping religious triumphs from the fortunes of catastrophe and stuff licking & # 8221 ; ( Magill 4325 ) . Besides it is said, & # 8221 ; the struggle is of the strength of a ordinary adult male and the power of nature & # 8221 ; ( Magill 4325 ) . I feel that Santiago plays a big function in the novel by being able non to give in and prove to the component of nature that he would over come them in the long tally. Magill wrote, & # 8221 ; The Old Man and the Sea is a direct descendent of Moby Dick & # 8221 ; ( Magill 4326 ) .

He feels that the battle between Santiago and the marlin is really much like that of the giant and the captain in Moby Dick. The similarities between The Old Man and the Sea and Moby Dick are highly noticeable after reading both of the narratives back to endorse, but there are differences in the narrative line. The chief difference is that Santiago ne’er comes out with anything unlike the captain in Moby Dick. Santiago was left with merely a broken boat, a bad fishing pole, and the wretchedness of licking.The narrative could besides be interpreted as being spiritual because of the battle that Santiago was put though. Besides it is felt by some people to be spiritual because of the manner he merely cut his thenars ( from the rope ) , his pess ( on the forepart of the boat ) and his caput ( when the bow hit him in the caput ) . It is frequently portrayed as that of Jesus on the cross. I don ; # 8217 ; t know if I truly agree with this interpre tation of it being spiritual.

The ground I don ; # 8217 ; t agree with this is because if everytime person got cut on the custodies and pess in a film or book so I guess that they excessively resemble that of Jesus on the cross.This narrative has many different readings to it, but would the readings be if the narrative contained everyone from the small town in it and sowed how the were raised, born, educated, and dullard kids. This narrative could hold been good over a 1000 pages if the above were included ( Plimpton 125 ) . The large inquiry that I ask is though, if all the above were included in the novel, how different do you think that the reading would be? I feel that the readings would be so really different because the whole narrative be circled around that of the conflict between Santiago and the marlin. Besides, I believe that the spiritual readings would be non as strong because of covering more with the life of the metropolis people and that of Santiago.

Hemingway is a author who creates things out of his caput. If he wasn ; # 8217 ; t a mastermind so how come did he win a Pulitzer Pride for the narrative The Old Man and the Sea Hemingway provinces, ; # 8221 ; I knew two or three things about the state of affairs, but I didn ; # 8217 ; t know the narrative ; # 8221 ; ; # 8221 ; I didn ; # 8217 ; t even cognize if that large fish was traveling to bite for the old adult male when it started smelling around the come-on. I had to compose on contriving out of cognition. You reject everything that is non or can ; # 8217 ; t be wholly true. ; # 8221 ; ( Bruccoli 179 ) I think that Hemingway is a mastermind for composing this novel because in my point of position it shows the conflict between human and nature and that truly caught my attending rereading this novel for the 3rd clip. I besides caught the lesson of the narrative in my point of position, and that is non everything good that you have is ever traveling to be at that place. To me that means alot because that moral besides refers alot about your household every bit good as friends.

Hemingway is looked upon as one of the greatest authors to of all time put pes on this Earth in the 20th century. He is a author who is know for go forthing really small left unsaid or go forth you inquiring, for illustration, what ; # 8217 ; s traveling to go on, is he gon na decease or non. As you could see in this novel he got to the point in a direct mode without go forthing anything unexpressed and he decidedly didn ; # 8217 ; t leave you believing about if Santiago was traveling to populate or non.Many people do non like the Hagiographas of Ernest Hemingway because they feel most everything that he writes about is unhappy or do believe. Fredrick Busch said at one point in clip, ; # 8221 ; He didn ; # 8217 ; T privation to read that of which was unhappy or do believe ; # 8221 ; mentioning to Hemingway ; # 8217 ; s work ( Bryfonski 130 ) . Many have said to believe that The Old Man and the Sea was written about the life of Ernest Hemingway, which in world it was written about a Cuban by the name of Carlos Gutierrez.

However some of the parts in this narrative make associate to things Hemingway has experienced.In decision, The Old Man and the Sea can be interpreted in many different signifiers, but I think it isn ; # 8217 ; t how you interpret it. Don ; # 8217 ; t acquire me incorrect some people like to read to see how many ways you can construe it but, you should read a novel to larn from others errors and besides for the pleasance of spread outing you knowledge American and English literature. I could call many different books in which I have read that have really left a impact on my life in some kind or another.;


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