Equality terms of gross domestic product (GDP),

Equality has been questioned in Turkey by European Union asthey seek to join the block for their political benefits. The most populardemand and promises of modern policy in many countries is social policy thataddress inequalities among the Citizens, following the footsteps of some policyanalyst status has been discussed in its potential to act against social indifferencesespecially through changes in social policies.

Inequality has being a greatchallenge for Turkey in joining Europe since 1990’s and human development,different indicators of inequality are, once again, becoming part of global andsocial policy debates as roots of social problems in the society. The humandevelopment paradigm symbolized an important development in this direction. Demonstratedthat the more societies, the better they perform in various domains such asmental health, physical health, educational performance, social mobility,sustainability and crime rates.

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 Inequalities inTurkey in key policy domains including income distribution and poverty,employment, health care and education (including early childhood education andcare) with a special focus on regional manifestations of inequalities. In terms of gross domestic product (GDP), Turkey ranked 18 among othercountries in 2014. Turkey ranks 72 in Human Development Index. HumanDevelopment Report in 2015 announces that the difference between Turkey’s GrossNational Income (GNI) per capita ranking and Human Development Index (HDI)ranking is -12, which underlines the fact that Turkey is better ranked by GNIper capita than by the HDI.

In other words, while, 


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