Equal Opportunity in Education Essay

Over the years many schools have low performance grades. This is how the Title 1 program came into the play. The Title 1 program was implemented so schools are able to get more money to help them get these low income students the help they need. We have a lot of students that are not performing on grade level. Many of them need extra help and their parents are not able to get it for them.

Now we have a bigger problem when the school does not have the funds needed to help these children. Then these children fall farther and farther behind. A good benefit for this program is the funds support extra instruction in reading and math.It also gives us special preschool, after school, and summer programs. This is a good way to help students remember what they learned during the regular school year so they do not forget what they learned during the summer. I would have to say that discipline, security, and race is affecting equal opportunities in education today.

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The way students are being disciplined in school is impacting education today. There are so many students being bullied and assaulted in schools that the students are being removed from the public school setting.Their parents do not feel comfortable letting them continue in public schools for fear they will get hurt. You never know if a child will bring a weapon to school. Teachers are finding that children as young 5 are coming to school armed.

There is no way for us to be sure that we will not be hurt. Many people think that race is not causing problems in schools today. Well they are wrong it still continues today.

There are people that still believe that different races and ethnic backgrounds should not go to school together.The civil rights movement was supposed to give equality to everyone. With everyone having their own religious beliefs is making it harder for people to get the education they need. “The nineteenth century is rightly regarded as the high-water mark of segregated education in the United States. School segregation existed throughout the nation at that time, either by force of law or custom. Before 1865 in all of the South and much of the North it took the form of virtually complete exclusion of nonwhites from public education, with no state support of separate educational institutions.

After the Civil War, however, segregation in education was transformed into a system of separate and unequal public schooling for whites and nonwhites that was enshrined in both law and custom (Education, 2000). ” It is know that the Civil War activated the segregation of schools. At this time whites did not think slaves need to get an education. Then they felt that whites and blacks should not be taught together.

Many years went by before schools were desegregated and everyone was treated as equals. “In 1954, the Supreme Court heard arguments in the case of Brown v.Board of Education, in which attorneys for the plaintiffs argued that separate schools for black children could not provide an education equal to that available to white children (Civil, 2011).

” The Brown v. Board of Education, was the actual case that started the Civil Rights Movement. It was not until December 1, 1955 when Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the front of the bus that really put the Civil Rights Movement into play. Many people believe that there was only one major event that caused this change. It was the first black girl attending an all-white school.I think this was the turning point for all children of color to get an equal education along with white children. “When new economic opportunities failed to materialize and both Martin Luther King Jr.

and former Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, a powerful supporter of civil rights, were assassinated in 1968, several U. S. cities experienced riots. After 1968, the civil rights movement became more violent with the rise of groups such as the Black Panthers, who advocated a more militant approach (Civil, 2011). ” I think this was a movement that really helped people who are different.

Now everyone has an opportunity to learn know matter what race, religion, sex, and disability. I believe that the Civil Rights Movement was the best thing that could have happened. If this would not have taken place then we would still have children being limited to what they will learn. It also will affect how children with disabilities would be treated and how much of an education they will get. Without the movement then no one would know how many different categories there are. “Thirteen disability categories are cited in the code.In order to be considered eligible for special education and related services, a student must have one or more of the disabilities, which must adversely affect his or her educational performance.

The categories are: 1) auditorily impaired; 2) autistic; 3) cognitively impaired; 4) communication impaired; 5) emotionally disturbed; 6) multiply disabled; 7) orthopedically impaired; 8) other health impaired; 9) preschool handicapped; 10) social maladjustment; 11) specific learning disability; 12) traumatic brain injury; and 13) visually impaired.The code specifies that children cannot be considered eligible for services if their learning problem is due to a lack of instruction in reading or math or to limited English proficiency (Special, 2004). ” I think this was the best thing that could have happened to anyone. Now everyone can get an equal education without discrimination. I believe that we have overcome all obstacles that hurt disabled children.

Since then we have some special needs children graduating from school and some going on to earn a degree from well know colleges.Who is to say that these children will not accomplish their goals with our help? This world is about helping people reach their goals and helping people no matter their race, religion, sex, and disability. If we can get everyone on the same page then we would have a better economy.ReferenceCivil Rights Movement (1955-1968).

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