Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Environmental Sciences Cover Letter Essay

Environmental Sciences Cover Letter Essay

Manar Mansour Beirut, Lebanon To whom it may concern, I am highly interested in the practice of improving the public wellbeing. Through my research, I have learned that this is a rapidly expanding field, and that your esteemed company is a leader in this domain. I am interested in a public health related job, in which I can utilize my analytical skills and inclusive education for our mutual benefit. I recently graduated from the American University of Beirut, having served an internship at AUB as well.During my internship, I gained valuable knowledge of public health while helping to evaluate and report various health oriented practices of several industries, and their abidance by internationally agreed upon standards and guidelines.

I also participated in a community based study in an underprivileged Lebanese village, in an attempt to assess particular health related concerns and help propose and facilitate the necessary measures to be taken. Besides, my coursework has enhanced my statistical analysis skills, which are crucial to data interpretation and research.In the meantime, I was elected as a committee responsible for three consecutive years for one of the active clubs in AUB, which gave me the opportunity to build administrative and organizational skills, and participate in large scale community service activities as well, such as public awareness campaigns in poor camps, charity activities with children with disabilities and elderly, as well as providing children in underprivileged areas with the necessary education.

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My goal is to get experience in a public health related field toward solving today’s related problems. My skills and experience will enable me to address the current challenges in delivering efficient product to its seekers. Please find attached my CV for additional review. I appreciate your time and consideration. Yours Sincerely, Manar Mansour October 15th, 2012