Environmental problems in Arkhangelsk region Essay

EnvironmentaljobsEnvironmentaljobs are of a great concern today. More and more scientists warn aboutthe menace of a planetary ecological calamity as a consequence of adult male & # 8217 ; s economicactivity. Medics note with dismay the turning figure of diseases caused by airand H2O pollution.Theecological state of affairs is peculiarly unfavourable in big metropoliss. In London,for illustration, the dust concentration ( day-to-day norm ) in air exceeds theallowable degree by 60 per cent, in Paris & # 8211 ; 80 % .

The state of affairs in Moscow iseven worse in some facets. The carried out research showed that up to 12 milliondozenss of harmful substances are discharged into air yearly. Hundreds ofindustrial endeavors pollute atmosphere.Ecologicaljobs are besides really acute in Arkhangelsk part and in our metropolis. Theecological state of affairs in the part is influenced by a Powerful industrialmilitary composite, which includes the defence enterprises in Severodvinsk, military composite, which includes the defence enterprises in Severodvinsk,cosmodrome in Plesetsk, atomic trial site in Novaya Zemlya.

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Out of 20 cosmodrome in Plesetsk, atomic trial site in Novaya Zemlya. Out of 20cosmodromes in the universe one of them is in Plesetsk. cosmodromes in the universe one of them is in Plesetsk.City & # 8217 ; spopulation are besides worried about the Northern Dvina. Sawmills and mush andpaper workss contaminate H2O. As a consequence the ecological balance in the riverdisturbances.

Conveyanceis a major beginning of environmental pollution. Every auto exhausts dozenss of CO2into the air.Anotherbeginning of public concern is disappearing of woods. Their disappearingdisturbances the O balance.

Among other acute ecological jobs are: pollutionof the universe & # 8217 ; s ocean, radiation, noise and other types of pollution,devastation of ozon bed, deserts & # 8217 ; progress, green-house consequence, acid rains,etc. They are consequence of work forces & # 8217 ; s careless interaction with nature.


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