Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Continuous Growth Essay

Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Continuous Growth Essay

Research on Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Continuous Growth

Research Question and Aims: This survey will follow a yarn of “raise question-theoretical study-case study- draw the conclusion” . At first, this thesis will specify the inquiry as the survey on entrepreneurship and uninterrupted concern endeavor growth,through the analysis on the theories and Practices of entrepreneurship and concern endeavor growing ; Secondly,this thesis will analyse the concern endeavor kn0Wledge categorization, cognition running mechanism,the nature of entrepreneurship and its cognition property and Intra-spreading mechanism by puting up a series of constructs and theoretical accounts ; Third, this thesis will set frontward Four- stage theoretical account of uninterrupted concern endeavor growing consistently, and analyzed the mechanism in which the entrepreneurship acted on the cardinal factors of every Phase in uninterrupted concern endeavor growing. Last, this thesis will choose Lenovo as instance to verify and complement the theoretical point of view.


Under the conditions of market economic system, the concern endeavor is the chief microcosmic running portion of societal economic system.

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It produces and creates the stuff wealth for human being, and it loads and spreads the religious civilisation on the other manus. The concern endeavor growing has already become the of import foundation of economic prosperity, and the chief fountainhead of national competitory advantage. For a long clip, the life and growing of concern endeavor become the subject that be given extended attending in range of the universe. The information in FORTUNE show that approximately 62 per centum concern endeavors life in the United States non over 5 old ages, merely 2percent concern endeavors can last 50 old ages, and the mean life of little concern endeavors is 12.5 old ages ; In China, the mean life of group companies is 7 to 8 old ages, that of little concern endeavors merely 2.9 twelvemonth, and there are about one million concern endeavors bankruptcy yearly ( non including the person concern endeavors ) . However, there are many endeavors that over 100 old ages still full of competency, such as Stora ( 1288 ) , DuPont ( 1802 ) , Procter & A ; Gamble ( 1837 ) , Nestle ( 1874 ) , etc.

So person suggest that the cardinal point of concern endeavor growing is entrepreneurship that conducted by enterpriser. On the other manus, more and more big endeavors maintain the impulse of strong competition, while they promote production degrees of the full industry and improve degrees of service in their development procedure ; the other manus, due to organisations tend to bloated, corporate civilization has remained a comparatively closed province. Therefore, the resulting of disadvantages has become more and more worldwide concerned by theoreticians and practicians. It can be seen that such as IBM, GE, and Intel these sorts of big endeavors change their Chief executive officer in the overall concern transmutation and development of advanced. To a certain extent, they solved their existing endeavor jobs and one time once more achieved the rapid growing of endeavors. Then, whether CEO alterations and nucleus direction squad transition can work out the disadvantages for big endeavors so that it will be going the chief drive force to accomplish the dynamic growing of the endeavor re-radiation? This paper argues that driving forces of endeavor growings are liquors of enterprisers every bit good as the constitution of a knowledge-based operation the entrepreneurial spirit in an internal communicating mechanism.

Furthermore, the enterpriser fairy as cognition has a new intension. Marshall in the “ Principles of Economics ” offered that before the terminal of life of the laminitis, utilizing a more effectual institutional agreement is likely to interrupt through concern growing and obstructions of limited lives among single enterprisers. Therefore, the company may transcend the decline stage of its life rhythm and achieve sustainable growing.

Proposed Methodology and Methods:

This thesis will absorb the cognition of economic sciences, direction scientific discipline and sociology, and comprehensively use research methods of normative research, comparative surveies and instance surveies, to research the growing of entrepreneurship and concern continuity issues in a more systematic survey.

1. Normative survey: This thesis will establish on the consequences of concern growing, knowledge direction, invention direction and entrepreneurship to set forward the research inquiries of entrepreneurial spirit and concern growing, and through reading of these theories to set up the analytical model of this article.2. Case survey: the theoretical footing of the survey, this thesis will through research assorted procedure analysis of growing endeavors and entrepreneurship, at same clip, through appropriate instance to exemplify the job of real-life concern growing and entrepreneurship, which will complement and show the theoretical point of view of this article.On the other manus, this thesis will put up an analytical frame of uninterrupted concern endeavor growing by a series of definition and logical thinking, and show the point of views through instance survey. The research contents and chief inventions of this thesis as follows:1. Harmonizing to the bing survey findings of entrepreneurship, and the development pattern of concern endeavor, this thesis will set frontward the nature of entrepreneurship — -“never satisfied, ne’er giving up, advance courageously ‘ , and analyze the relationship between them.2.

Establishing on the cognition theories, this thesis will set frontward that concern endeavor is an collection of cognition, analyze the cognition belongingss of endeavor and its cognition categorization, and discourse the cognition property of entrepreneurship. Meanwhile, this thesis will put up the intra-spreading mechanism of entrepreneurship based on the theoretical account of SECI. This construct widened the survey scope and theoretical field of entrepreneurship theories.3. This paper will analyse the consequence of entrepreneurship and its intra-spreading mechanism which affect on the factors of concern endeavor and set frontward a basic issue: The entrepreneurship is the motor power of endeavor growing, which is the invention and development of concern endeavor growing theories, and has theoretical counsel significance to concern endeavor growing in existent life.4. By analysing the traits of every stage in enterprise life rhythm and the factors that affect on the endeavor growing, this thesis will uncover the cardinal factors that lead to enterprise growing and discourse the mechanism in which the entrepreneurship acted on the cardinal factors of every stage in endeavor growing as the motor power of endeavor growing.

Based on this, this thesis will carry on the relationship between entrepreneurship and uninterrupted endeavor growing, and set up Four-phase of uninterrupted endeavor growing.5. Except analysing relevant theories, this thesis will show the point of views through instance survey by citing the instance of Lenovo. It will analyse its growing stages, the factors that affect their growing and the interaction between entrepreneurship and their growing. Furthermore, it will discourse the instances ‘ apocalypses for uninterrupted endeavor growing in China.


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