English People and John Smith Essay

The English at Jamestown were unable to grow their own food because they never put enough effort into doing it. One of the reasons that the English didn’t put enough effort into growing their own food was because the Indians already had it. Edmund S. Morgan states, “And the very fact that the Indians did grow corn may be one more reason why the colonists did not.

” Another reason that they didn’t put enough effort was that the company paying for their trips didn’t care about the agriculture as much as the gold and other expensive resources. The company never intended the colony to supply England with grain and did not even expect that agricultural products might be its principal exports.” John Smith helped Jamestown survive because he forced the English settlers to work hard. John Smith also tried to keep peace and establish trades with the Indians for food and other needed resources. “When the supplies ran out in the first autumn, Smith succeeded in trading with the Indians for corn.

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” John Smith respected and gained respect from the Indians. He conducted most of the colony’s relations both with Powhatan and with the tribes under Powhatan’s dominion. ” He wanted the Indians to one day be incorporated with the English settlement. If John Smith remained with the Jamestown colony, they would’ve been more successful in what they wanted to accomplish. John Smith would’ve demanded more laborers over gentlemen that didn’t want to do any type of labor.

He also would’ve pushed everyone to work hard. He would repeatedly tell them “work or starve”.The Indians, Powhatan and tribes under Powhatan’s dominion, helped the colony to survive with their trades with the settlers and other useful resources. The arrival of new ships with new men and extra resources helped allot.

When Lord De la Warr and Sir Thomas Gates came they made everyone work with discipline. “The so-called Lawes Divine, Morall and Martiall were mostly martial, and they set the colonists to work with military discipline and no pretense of gentle government. ” It helped how John Smith and the new government divided people into certain groups, so that they could work with a schedule.They prescribed that the settlers be divided into work gangs, much as Smith had divided them, each of which would proceed to its assigned tasks at regular hours.

” Tobacco, later became a big help for the English settlers. “The colonists stopped bowling in the streets and planted tobacco in them – and everywhere else that they could find open land. In 1617, ten years after the first landing at Jamestown, they shipped their first cargo to England. ” I think Jamestown was a failure because they couldn’t survive without any help.

They needed allot of help from the Indians, Britain and the company paying for their voyage. They brought one of the worst groups of people to start a new settlement. “Still another explanation for the improvidence of Virginia’s pioneers is one that John Smith often emphasized, namely, the character of the immigrants. They were certainly an odd assortment, for the most conspicuous group among them was an extraordinary number of gentlemen. ” They never found any of the resources that they wanted, but luckily found tobacco.


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