Energy for Performance in Touch Football

Energy for Performance This term in year 11 senior physical education we have been learning the use of the three energy systems and how they are used in the game of touch football and how they function together. To understand the energy systems, our class went through a number of fitness tests. The Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) stores in the muscle and lasts for approximately 2 seconds and the resynthesis of ATP from Creatine Phosphate (CP) will continue until CP stores are used up, which is approximately 4-6 seconds.

This gives us around 5-10 seconds of ATP.The use of ATP in touch football is high intensity, it would be used in a 50m sprint or a pass in touch. Once the Creatine Phosphate stores have worn out, the body resorts to stored glucose for ATP. The breakdown of glucose or glycogen in anaerobic conditions results in the production of lactic acid. The build up of ions is the restrictive issue causing fatigue in runs of 300m – 800m.

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The lactic acid system is most affective around 30seconds to 2-3 mins. In touch football the use of the lactic acid system may be used when wrucking the ball, as it is a constant sprint with little or no rest.The aerobic energy system utilizes protein, fats and carbohydrates (glycogen) for resynthesising ATP. The aerobic system is most effective at 5 mins onward. This energy system can be developed with various intensity runs. The types of runs are, Continuous runs – long slow runs at 50-70% of highest heart rate. This places demands on muscular and liver glycogen. The normal response by the system is to enhance muscle and liver glycogen storage capacities.

This run would be the warm up run that we take of the oval before getting into the game.Extensive runs – continuous runs at 60-80% of maximum heart rate. This places demands on the system to cope with lactic acid production. Running at this level helps the removal and turnover of lactic acid and the body’s ability to tolerate the larger levels of lactic acid.

The example for this run would be wrucking the ball at a high intensity work rate. Intensive runs – continuous runs at 80-90% of maximum heart rate. Lactic levels become high as these runs boarder on speed endurance. Intensive training is good for the development of anaerobic energy systems.The example of this run would be defending at a high intensity.

The interrelationship between the energy systems are that they are all used in a game of touch football. The use of ATP when sprinting a short distance, the use of lactic acid when wrucking the ball, and the use of the different types of intensity runs. EXPLAIN FITNESS TEST! + ANALYSE RESULTS OF TEST – STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESS’S! In touch football I either play in the middle because I have good ball and communication skills and ready to take responsibility for wrucking the ball down the field in attack.As a centre player I have ability to go forward with good acceleration, be aerobically fit, have knowledge of wrucking patterns, leadership qualities, quick reaction skills, a high work rate and the ability to maintain pressure. I also have a good strength and average muscular endurance.

I also play in the wing and I’m generally the main scorer with sustained speed, good anticipation, good support skills, good finisher, good defender, good evasive skills, involvement, good hands and knowledge of the wing defence policy I believe that my level of proficiency in touch football is above average.I have superior hand eye coordination because of all the sports I have played over a number of years which is an advantage for me touch football skills. My fitness level is average, touch football is a continuous sport where you just keep going whereas I’m use to short explosive breaks. I believe my energy systems have coped a lot better than I thought they would. I feel as if my cardio could improve because after a full game of touch football I feel slightly tired, as fatigue sets in after 10+ minutes of play.


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