Energy Essay Research Paper Energy is the

Energy Essay, Research PaperEnergy is the ability to make work. The two different types of energy are kinetic and possible. Kinetic energy is energy in gesture and possible energy is energy that is stored.

Energy is measured in units which are BTU ( British thermic unit ) and a J. The Law of Conservation of Energy provinces that energy can & # 8217 ; t be created or destroyed, but it can be changed in signifier. Heat is a signifier of energy that comes in different signifiers such as conductivity, convection, and radiation. Conduction is when energy is passed straight from one point to another. Metallic elements are first-class music directors of energy. Plastics or other stuffs aren & # 8217 ; t. These are called dielectrics.

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Convection is the motion of gases or liquids from a ice chest topographic point to a heater topographic point. Radiation is the concluding signifier of motion of heat energy.Electricity is the flow of energy from one topographic point to another. Atoms have negatrons circling them.

Some are slackly attached. When negatrons move among the atoms of affair, a current of electricity is created. Electricity flows through some objects better than others.

Copper is a good music director of electricity. The electric force that & # 8220 ; pushes & # 8221 ; negatrons is measured in Vs. Batteries store chemical energy. An electric circuit connects the positive and negative poles of the battery and allows an electrical current to go on. Inactive electricity doesn & # 8217 ; t move. It is the energy that can lodge a balloon to a wall if you rub the balloon across a jumper. Lightning is another signifier of inactive electricity.

Fuels are used to heat H2O in a boiler to do steam. That steam turns a turbine. The whirling shaft of the turbine drives the generator. Many types of fuels are used in the boiler to heat the H2O. When a wire or any electrically conductive stuff moves across a magnetic field an electric current is produced in that wire.The interior of the Earth has a nucleus, a hot liquid mantle, and a crust. The Earth and an egg have beds that look likewise. The upper part of the mantle is hot liquid stone called magma.

In some countries of the Earth H2O seeps below land and is heated by the hot stone. This hot H2O or steam can be used to turn a turbine that drives the generator to do electricity in a geothermic power works. Geothermal means & # 8220 ; earth-heat & # 8221 ; . California generates one-half of the universe & # 8217 ; s geothermic electricity.Fossil fuels were formed during the clip of dinosaurs when workss and animate beings died.

Their decomposed remains bit by bit changed over the old ages to do coal, oil, and natural gas. Fossil fuels are normally found below land and must be either delve out or pumped from below the land. California produces about one-half of the oil it uses. The remainder comes from Alaska and other states. Oil is transported in immense grapevines and oiler ships to topographic points where it is made into other merchandises. Many merchandises like plastic and fertiliser come from oil.

Natural gas is found near oil. Natural gas runs through a series of pipes until it comes to our places, schools, and concerns. Fossil fuels are non renewable.

They can & # 8217 ; t be remade.Hydro power uses the kinetic energy of traveling H2O. The traveling H2O can be used to turn wheels to crunch grains or in a hydro electric power works, to do electricity. Traveling H2O goes through a turbine whirling the shaft, which turns a generator to do electricity.

California’s hydroelectric power workss are found along dikes on rivers, and in the mountains.Nuclear fission means dividing an atom apart. Dividing an atom releases heat and light energy. In a atomic power works, an atomic concatenation reaction is controlled to bring forth heat to boil H2O. That H2O furuncles H2O in pipes to do steam to turn a turbine and a generator to do electricity. Nuclear fission means uniting atomic karyon to do a larger karyon.

The Sun uses atomic merger of H into He to do visible radiation and heat energy. Scientists are seeking to make atomic merger to do a cleaner beginning of power.The oceans energy can be used in three basic ways. Wave energy systems use the up and down gesture of moving ridges to turn a turbine or a generator. Tide energy systems traps high tides in a reservoir. When the tide drops, the H2O behind the reservoir can flux through a power works, merely like a regular hydroelectric works.

Ocean thermic energy transition uses the difference in temperature between warm surface H2O and cold deep ocean H2O to do electricity.Sunlight has ever been a beginning of energy for workss, animate beings, and worlds. We use sunlight and heat from the Sun to dry apparels outside. The Sun & # 8217 ; s heat can be used to heat H2O fluxing through pipes on a roof. More than 500,000 solar H2O heating systems are used in California.

Sunlight can besides be focused in a thermic system to heat H2O or other fluids to do steam. The steam can be used to turn turbines to do electricity. Sunlight can be used straight in solar cells or PV cells to do electricity.

Wind energy can be used to make work. Wind has been used for many old ages to drive boats and windmills to crunch grains or pump H2O. Wind turbines are being used today to do electricity. Wind spins the big blades which turn generators inside the turbine to do electricity. California & # 8217 ; s about 13,500 wind turbines can provide adequate electricity to power an full metropolis.Electricity from power workss is sent through a transformer and boosted to a really high electromotive force. The high electromotive force power lines carry electricity into metropoliss and towns to substations and to transformers to cut down the electromotive force. That lower electromotive force power so goes to a smaller transformer near our places, where power is reduced farther.

The lines can travel underground into our houses. At our places, the power goes through a metre so the electricity company can measure us for the power that we buy from them. Electrical wires are non to be touched because they can do hurt or even decease.

Natural gas is sent to us from the & # 8220 ; Fieldss & # 8221 ; where it is found through a series of grapevines. The grapevines carry the gas to mills, concerns, schools, and our places. The gas passes through a metre so the natural company can measure us for the natural gas that we buy from them merely like the electrical power.

Natural gas Burnss really flawlessly with really small pollution.One-half of California & # 8217 ; s energy goes into powering vehicles. Oil made into gasolene and Diesel fuels are the chief beginning of energy for autos, trucks, coachs, and other vehicles. Gasoline and Diesel are transported to service Stationss in big oiler trucks.

Fuels other than gasolene and Diesel are being used in alternate fuel vehicles.313


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