Energy Conservation Mitigation Plan Essay

Energy Conservation Mitigation PlanWith the incessant increase in fuel prices across the globe trudging alongside the depressing effects of global warming, one must set out to conserve energy.  Energy, as defined in our grade school books, is the ability to do work.  The work is fueled by energy-producing materials that are needed for the promotion of life around the world.  There are renewable and non renewable energy sources.  Renewable energy is energy that can be continuously renewed, like hydropower and biomass; the non-renewable energy, on the other hand, cannot be reused, especially fossil fuels.  Most countries use fossil fuels to produce energy. Gasoline and coal are some examples.However, there are environmental issues that concern the retrieving of these natural resources.

  There is a need to address this problem because of its inherent effects on the environment and the people.  The problem contributes to the factors that are associated to both living and non-living, examples of which are, but not limited to: 1) depletion of forests; 2) already insufficient sources; and 3) air and water pollution and other long-term environmental impacts.Energy Conservation will help not only the environment, but the people also.  A cleaner air to breath will be beneficial to them, while they contribute less to the degradation of nature.  While the prices go up, there is a need for the people to get a hold of cost-efficient energy.

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  Organizations may opt to promote these from within a household level first, before going large-scale.  They may create a list of attainable and effortless items to do that will promote the conservation of energy, like turning off appliances when not needed and holding car pools every now and then.  This will benefit the stakeholders via a lesser gas or electricity bill turn-up,The government can help with these Energy Conservation measures, through the initiative of local officials and community associations.ReferencesEnergy Conservation (August 1997). PDF File, US Environmental Protection Agency.

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