” encourage others to be safe too

” I object to violence, because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent”, Mahatma Gandhi.  According to Mahatma Gandhi protesting and any other violent means of response to conflict is problematic. The best response to conflict is cooperating with the circumstances; it can keep you safe. Cooperating with the circumstances can encourage others to be safe too .

This method can open up a variety of options to escape. Some well know examples about cooperating include “Dear Miss Breed” written by Joanne Oppenheim; this book is about a librarian who’s favorite children were moved to a relocation camp. “The Herd behavior AOW” is a great source on herd behavior. Admittedly, protesting has been effective in the past.” The man who survived 8 Nazi death” camps is about Chaim Ferster who survived many death camps by complying to the guards. “I escaped Auschwitz” is about a Jewish man named Piechowski who escaped a famous Nazi death camp. Cooperating with the circumstances will be beneficial to you and the people around you in many ways.  The best response to conflict is by complying to the situation told.

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“… a relative urged him to learn a skill that would make him useful to the Germans… him to learn to fix sewing machines, becoming…

a “mechanic” as a result”, ( Mullen, 2015). The main reason Ferster survived 8 nazi death camps, was because he made himself useful to the guards. He learned how to fix sewing machines and later was given the title of the mechanic.

“The buildings had no window screens but plenty of bugs, there was a record-breaking temperature of more than 120 degrees, and windstorms coated everything with fine sand.”, (Oppenheim, 2006). In Dear Miss Breed by Joanne Oppenheim explains how the Japanese Americans were forced to move into isolation camps set up by the United States; many of these Japanese Americans were sacrificing everything they had. The isolation camps were located in places with harsh weather, like the Poston isolation camp located in the Arizona desert; the Japanese Americans showed high levels on cooperation, when they were forced to move. Because of their cooperation the Japs never attracted trouble. Complying to the situation encourages more people  to follow and stay safe. ”  When herd behavior sets in, an individual person’s judgment and opinion-forming process shuts …”,  (Commonlit Staff 2014). During a time of conflict people who cooperate to the situation can actually attract more people to do the same .

When a large group of people comply to the circumstances, there will be a very safe environment. Cooperating with the situation will open up a variety of options to escape. “And after half an hour or an hour, an American tank drove through the gates and the soldiers were shouting, ‘You’re free, you’re free!’.”, ( Mullen, 2015). Forester was saved by the Allied forces during the Holocaust; he was in his eighth camp, Buchenwald.

Forester was known for cooperating with the circumstances; he was waiting patiently until help arrived. “They made their way to the second-floor store room, broke down the door and dressed themselves in officers’ uniforms.”, (Khaleeli 2011). Piechowski escaped Auschwitz dressed as a SS officer. He had to listen to the guards until the right time to steal a SS officers clothes and hijack a car for his escape.

Complying to the situation has helped both Frester and Piechowski. Protesting has been very effective in the past, like how India gained independence from great Britain. Protesting is a very violent response to conflict; it can hurt and injure many people. Protesting gets the leader’s attention. Protesting is a faster method. Protesting can be a very impactful  response, but is very risky.

When protesting fails it can create more conflict in society. Complying to the situation is the most effective response to conflict. This method can encourage others to be safe too. Cooperating has opened up many options of escape. In the past  protesting has been very effective too.

The best response to conflict is by cooperating with the circumstances; this method has been very helpful in the past.


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