Empowerment And Participation Essay Research Paper Empowerment

Authorization And Participation Essay, Research PaperAuthorization and Participation. It is interesting how the word & # 8220 ; communicating & # 8221 ; can alter life at place and at work.

When everyone is cognizant of what is traveling on around him or her, they can work better. What a construct! All of the readings I have done taught communication is a valuable key. We read about fring the stigma of upper direction, acquiring their custodies dirty, understanding their place, and why it is of import to the remainder of the company. This chapter takes it one measure further and says talk about the company finances as well.It is of import for employees to understand the concern in its entireness.

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That includes the fundss of the occupation. All of the readings in this chapter had something to offer. I feel taking a spot from each will supply a work topographic point of luster.

Fundss include a assortment of things: From engaging a new employee to buying a new tool to do the occupation easier. It is those determinations we make which can do difference of salvaging, disbursement and doing money. It is these determinations that can do or interrupt a company. The old school Tells us non to portion fundss with anyone else in the company but those straight on top. The new school is stating that this doctrine is all incorrect.

If one wants an employee to make the best he or she can make, and experience of import, give them the company information. Let all the employees know what function they play. Let them to do determinations that will do their occupation easier. As implied before, who betters know the occupation than the employee executing the occupation? The reading, & # 8220 ; Zapp! The Lightening of Empowerment & # 8221 ; suggests mana gers help their employees take ownership of their jobs.

This requires trust, listening to the workers, and giving feedback. The novel concept here is to treat people like humans. Like any relationship, one needs these qualities to survive. If one gives positive reinforcements people tend to respect them. Employers hire people everyday with the hopes and trust they will do their job. But when people do not understand the role they really play in the company, they may not give their full effort. Hence, we have Saps, people who lack the main ingredients of relationships discussed earlier.

We must let the employees know we trust them to make good positive decisions. Give them the empowerment by letting them know they are valued, and commending them on jobs well done. Open Book Management suggests we share our finances with the other employees no matter what their status, and give them a stake in the company. After all, this is a good suggestion, why work if one can’t reap the benefits of their work? It also suggests that many employees are business illiterate, and if we want them to understand business we need to teach it to them. In conclusion, all of the readings I have done so far make management more then just problem solvers. They have become part of the problem. To solve their own problems managers need to be teachers, coaches, and a wealth of knowledge to be shared.

Businesses need to be a team, and to this they need to share every aspect of the team. When the business succeeds all should have a share in the profit, and when it fails all are responsible. Ron PughZAPP! The Lightening of EmpowermentAuthor William Byham


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