Employees Work from Home Essay

To find work at home employment isn’t easy. Despite all the advertising you can read in newspapers, there aren’t that much legitimate work at home jobs. In fact, there are more scams than real work from home employment opportunities. The reason is that many companies think about permitting their employees to work from home.

But they do not know whether there are more positive or negative aspects. In the beginning, I’m going to summarize the positive factors deriving from working at home. First of all, employees are able to manage and organize their time free, when working at home.They can choose when to start working, in the morning, or at noon.

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Although they can gather when to have breaks. This could be very useful for employees with children, because they can take care of them. When they would have to go to work, they couldn’t look after their children, and would not be able to take care of them.

Although the employees do not need to drive to their office. In this case, they save money for the transport from A to B, this leads to less pollution for the environment. When the people stay at home, and do not drive to work, there are fewer cars on the streets.This essentially promotes environmental protection and reduces traffic. In addition to that, the companies are also saving money when their employees work at home. By working at home, the companies do not have to finance utilities, work materials and other things for the employees. They do not have to rent an office, and buy computers for example.

These are reasons why it is positive for employees to work from home. Now I will focus on the negative aspects of working from home. The first reason is that the employees have no social contact and no personal communication possibilities with their colleagues.

This could infect negative psychological impact on the person working at home. Social contacts, communication and team building especially in a company are very important for the success of the company. Another negative aspect is that there might be some motivation and distraction issues, which would not appear in an office. When the employee is working at home, he can be distracted by surrounded objects and people more easy.

The mailman, the television, or the companion animals, can interrupt working and concentration. This lack of motivation or concentration is resulting in bad achievements for the company.The last reason is that the company is not able to control their employees.

As a department manager, you are not able to control what and when your employee is working at home. When he is working in the office of the company, the manager can look over the shoulder, but if the employee is at home, he can do whatever he wants. In conclusion, we can easily see from these examples, that it is better to have the employees working in the office, not at home. In the office they are able to communicate with others, the department manager can control them, so that they are always focusing on the work, and not on something else.


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