Employee Rights and Responsibilities: Trade Union and Job Role Essay Sample

1. Know the employee rights and duties in the logistics industry1. 1. Describe ain work function in your organisation.Fleet Administrator at Wincanton for Sainsbury’s Northampton– responsible for Fleet Office Administration responsibilities describing to Fleet Manager.1.

1. 1. Maintenance and protection of the Wincanton’s Operator’s Licence* Maintenance of the company’s Fleet Management database* Maintenance of the Motor Insurance Database* To bring forth direction information studies as required* To help the Head of Fleet Operations and take duty for assorted activities as delegated

1. 1. 2. To supply efficient and effectual disposal support to accomplish the sections objectives * Database maintenance/control* Produce accurate and timely direction information studies as required * To rede and back up sites in the actions required with the disposal of the fleet * Data proviso for the planning of vehicle replacing.

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services and MOT.
1. 1. 3. To make my occupation aptly and safety. Adhere to company regulations and ordinances.

under developing given. Use right PPE supplied. Take attention of company belongings. Look after co-workers. Contract1.

2. Describe the statutory rights and duties associating to ain occupation function.Legislation such as Employment Relations Act. Health and Safety at Work ActIndustry specific policies eg manual handling boundsCOSHH ordinancesWorking at highs ordinancesSafe systems of work for ain countryFire processs and emptyingPPE demandsSecurity demands

1. 3. Describe organisational policies and processs in relation to ain occupation function1.

3. 1. General criterions operational processs:1. 3. 2.

Initiation1. 3. 3. H & A ; S at work 19741. 3. 4.

Grudge processs

1. 4. Describe the chief constituents of ain contract of employment1.

4. 1. Working hours1. 4. 2. Wage and benefits1. 4. 3.

Time period of notice1. 4. 4.

Redundancy policy1. 4. 5. Vacation1.

4. 6. Ill Wage1. 4.

7. Work referenceAll of the above are outlined in my contract of employment when verifies my occupation function. duties other that our indicated in contract of employment.

2. Understand the function of the logistics organisation in employment rights and duties.2. 1. Identify the rights and duties of the organisation.2. 1.

1. The Working Regulations19982. 1.

2. Ill Wage2. 1. 3. Pregnancy and paternity proviso2. 1. 4.

Equal and Diversity statute law2. 1. 5. Harassment2. 1. 6.

Right to appeal

2. 2. Identify jobs that can happen when working to the employment rights and duties of the organisation2.

2. 1. Driving accident2. 2. 2. Personal hurt

2. 3.

Explain the appropriate action to take in order to cover with identified jobs.2. 3.

1. Accident signifier and process2. 3. 2. Personal hurt process


Understand the usage of information in relation to employment3. 1. Describe the chief constituents of a pay-slip3. 1. 1. Name and reference3. 1.

2. Employee figure3. 1. 3. Tax codification3.

1. 4. NIN3. 1. 5.

Basic solary/pay. overtime. name out allowance3. 1.

5. NI. revenue enhancement. brotherhood tax write-offs3. 1. 6.

Bank inside informations3. 1. 7. Any messages from Wincanton3.

1. 8. Gross wage for the twelvemonth to day of the month. NI paid for the twelvemonth to day of the month.

revenue enhancement paid for the twelvemonth to day of the month. brotherhood tax write-offs paid for the twelvemonth to day of the month. 3. 1. 9. Net wage.


2. Review ain pay-slip for truthKnow how to look into that the information on wage faux pas is accurate ; cognize which standards to look into it against ; whom to reach if inaccuracies are identified
3. 3. Review cardinal information contained in ain contract of employmentActual working hours against contractual hours I Increases paidLocation of work Internet Explorer if employed in one country and being sent elsewhere to wor Authorized absences agreed in contract such as preparation yearss. unpaid leave ; are they being adhered to Salary against existent payments received
3. 4 Explain the importance of information held on your ain forces file.

– Provides personal and employment background and history of employee – Contains critical information. such as following of family. reference. telephone Numberss.

bank inside informations. national insurance figure. medical history. assessment. disciplinary actions -Importance of information to be accurate. current.

valid and relevant to the single – Importance of information to be kept restricted and confidential3. 5 Identify the nominative individual responsible for wellness and safety in your ain workplace. Richard Bone3. 6 Describe beginnings of advice and information in relation to employment rights and duties 3. 6.

1. Citizen Advice. VOSA. H & A ; E. environmental bureau. Highways Dep. public-service corporation compaies. ACAS.

TUC. HMRC4. Know beginnings of information in relation to employment rights and duties4. 1. Explain different types of representative organic structures Trade brotherhoods– Government organic structures*HSE – overseas H & A ; S within company*VOSA now DVSA – traffic*Police – traffic and condemnable offense

-Work forums-Associations– Professional organic structures-Career advisers-Apprenticeship vacancy-matching service

4. 2. Explain organisational policies and processs that relate to employment rights and dutiesStaff enchiridionsCompany intranetContract of employmentHealth and safetyposters/informationStaff notices/notice boards


3. Describe the beginnings of advice and information in relation to employment rights and duties to include:– entree to work– extra acquisition and support– calling tracts– preparation chances– wellness. safety and security– trade brotherhoods

4. 4. Select internal and external beginnings of information that are valid and dependableInternal:Human resourcesDirectorStaff enchiridionCompany policies and processsMentorHealth and Safety representativeTrade brotherhood representativeWizz

External:Citizens AdviceRelevant web sitesTraining suppliersTrade brotherhoodsACAS

5. Comply with employment rights and duties in the workplace.5.

1. Follow statutory demands and organisational policies and processs that relate to ain occupation function including:– wellness. safety and security*Management of wellness & A ; safety* Safe usage of work equipment* Manual handling* Workplace wellness. safety and public assistance* Personal protective equipment at work* Work with show screen equipment

– personal protective equipment*Depend on the function – safety places. Hi-Vi waistcoat
– equality. diverseness and torment*Must follow the right policy/procedure and procedure
– informations protection*The Data Protection Act 1998 applies to all informations that is held by an employer on an employee and screens information that is held on both computing machine and/or in paper based system.
– working hours*48h hebdomad understanding. vacations.

– safeguarding*Wincanton employee and as such covered by company and local people policies
6. Understand public concerns about the logistic sector.6. 1. Describe issues of public concern that may impact your ain organisation and the wider industry including: – environmental issues– low C docket
6. 1. 1.

Traffic direction – curfew shop bringings etc.Noise pollution – off electric refrigerator policyEnvironmental pollution – Euro 6Water supply – H2O recycling. rain H2OElectricity use – solar panels


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