Emotion and Journey Essay

I have comprehended a deep understanding of the concept of journey. Moving from one place to another place, we can call it a trip, a tour, a voyage, but there is a word that explain this definition thoroughly which is “physical journey”. Journey can be categorized into physical journey, emotional or inner journey and imaginary journey. Emotional journey means gaining new insight understanding and learning on the trip of life. Imaginary journey means a trip takes place in our mind, it could be fantasy or it could be a glimpse into the future.

Now, I want to introduce two texts about journey , one is a teen novel called ‘Peeling the Onion’ by Wendy Orr, which is a story about a seventeen year old Australian girl called Anna who finds new emotions and a change in her personality after being injured in a serious car accident and breaking her neck. Another one is a film called ‘Gulliver’s Travel’ by Rob Letterman which is about a man called Gulliver. He has to write a report about his extensive travels to his newspaper company. He made a journey to the” Bermuda Triangle”, but he arrived in a fantastic world called Lilliput completely.In these two texts, we can see many different types of journey. For example, in the Peeling the Onion, Anna was injured in the car accident, the accident is not under her control, so it is a forced journey. She went to the hospital as a physical journey because she moved from the scene of the accident to the hospital.

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For the emotional journey, quoted from chapter 1 “Dad sniffs; blows his nose. ” This action show Anna’s dad was upset and cried after the accident occurred. It was an emotional change for her dad. In chapter two, Anna felt invisible because no one saw her or attended to her.The composer uses metaphor here.

Invisible means she is ignored. Anna thought hospital time is different from real time. The time got longer and longer symbolic of her emotional journey. When Anna’s friend went to hospital to visit her, she journeyed emotionally from hopeless to cheerful. In chapter 15, Anna said “I can learn and grow from the experience. ” This quote shows that even though her journey was negative. Anna has learnt to see the positive and uses it as a learning growth experience. In the second text “Gulliver’s Travel”, Gulliver made a voyage to the Bermuda Triangle as a physical journey.

He arrived in the fantastic world of Lilliput, everyone there is very small. By comparison, Gulliver was a giant. Gulliver is a man who lacks confidence and self-esteem, he is a coward. However, when he went to Lilliput fought with the villain.

He helped the Lilliputian to change the fate of Lilliput. He became a hero of the Lilliputians, everyone was proud of him. An extreme long shot of the crowd near the end, just before Gulliver leaves Lilliput, shows the Lilliputians cheering and clapping their hero. He changes from a coward to a brave man and is full of self-confidence.

It is an emotional journey. In Peeling the Onion, Anna received a serious failure in her life, she went through many change in her emotions as she journeyed. I can learn that life is a journey, we can learn different things in our growth experience, from being disappointed to being encouraged, from being dejected to being pleased. These all are part of the emotional journey. In Gulliver’s Travel, the voyage can show the concept of physical journey, and i can learn we will journey emotionally through unforgettable experiences.


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