Electronic Dance Music Essay

What kind of music do you find most appealing? Introduction : Music is art to the ears.

It has the amazing ability to both calm and provoke people. Everyone has a specific genre of music that they fall back on to heighten their emotions or even as a means to destress after a hard day’s work. Likewise, my preferred type of music is electronic dance music, a genre that has been around since the early 90’s.

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Although this genre has been long associated with the nightclub scene, it has attracted a fandom that is not just estabalished on late night raves and discotheques. I. The beauty of electronic music is that it encompasses a plethora of sub-genres. As times progress and more innovations are being made to cater to music-makers, the number of sub-genres under this spectrum is also increasing. Eg : Progressive house, trance, dubstep.

Each subgenre has it’s own feel to it and ignites different levels of emotions, allows the listener to venture deeper into the melody. II. Electronic dance music doesn’t necessarily need words to set a mood The mood is felt in the music itself.

Each song is distinguishable by its own melody and rhythm A common misconception that music and words have to go together, but this genre subverts that notion. It sounds pleasant even without words. III.Electronic dance music has set its own standard in mainstream music More people are becoming aware of its existence and are gradually becoming more acquainted In a world where the same type of music is constantly being manufactured to death and it’s all too common to find cookie cutter singers, electronic dance music focuses more on the song itself, than the creator. Listeners don’t need to expect so much out of showmanship but are given a chance to enjoy what the song itself presents. IV.Producing this genre of music is art in itself.

Granted, making any genre of music needs creativity but this genre pays extra attention to both creativity and consistency. The uniqueness of electronic dance music is that it relies mostly on technology than traditional instruments. It incorporates the usage of synthesizers, sequencers among other instruments A standard song from this genre is meticulously produced starting with a steady introduction, builds up to a crescendo and ends with a loud but neat finish.Conclusion : Electronic dance music is a testament of how technology has advanced with music. There is something different about this genre that has the capability of inducing ecstasy even in the most blandest of people. As of right now, it is one the most powerful musical scenes simply because no one expected it to be marketable or entertaining to the masses but with slow and steady exposure, this genre has the potential to make people embrace its grandeur.


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