Effects Of The Diclofenac Sodium On Goblet Cells Biology Essay

Diclofenac is an anti-inflammatory agent approved for several utilizations in the United States as a Na or K salt. It is a benzene acetic acid derived functions, designated chemically as 2- [ 2, 6-dichloroophenyl amino benzine acetic acid ] mono-sodium or mono-potassium salts. It is a faintly xanthous white to light beige virtually odorless, somewhat hygroscopic crystalline pulverization.

It is recommended for the long term intervention in arthritic arthritis, degenerative arthritis, ancylosing spondylitis, and for short term intervention in nephritic gripes, ague urarthritis, acute musculoskeletal hurt, acute painful shoulder, Postoperative hurting, megrim, and dysmenorrhoea. In add-on, an ophthalmic solution after cataract extraction1.Although the drug diclofenac Na is contraindicated in patients who have Experienced asthma, urtication or other allergic type reactions, GIT perturbations, hepatic Insufficiency, nephritic damage, and pregnancy2. But quacks are liberally utilizing the drug Unchecked in general clinical pattern in our population, which may be prohibited by the Government under regulations.

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This survey was done to measure the effects of diclofenac Na ( NSAID ) on cecal goblet cells of albino rats.


Eighty albino rats were used in this survey, which were obtained from Animal House of Basic Medical Sciences Institute, Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, Karachi. All were male, 20 hebdomads of age, weighing 180-200 gms, looking active and healthy.These animate beings were housed in the experimental room of Animal House maintained onbalanced research lab diet and H2O ad libitum with 12 hours light and dark rhythm.Eighty animate beings were divided into two equal groups ; A and B, each comprising of 40 animate beings.

Group- A animate beings were given diclofenac Na ( developed in NovartisPharma Pakistan Ltd ) at a curative dosage of 2 mg/kg organic structure weight orallyOnce day-to-day for 2 hebdomads 3.Group -B animate beings used as control and were given normal saline ( equal volume of dose given to group- A ) orally one time day-to-day for 2 hebdomads.All the rats were sacrificed on day-15 of the experiment by giving deep quintessence Anesthesia and were operated to obtain their cecum, which were fixed in alcoholic Formalin, embedded in paraplast and 4 um thick subdivisions were cut on rotary microtome.These subdivisions were stained with PAS reagent.

The histomorhpological characteristics of cecum in both groups were observed with regard to mucigen content in goblet cells.The sum of mucigen nowadays in the signifier of granules in the surface and enteric Glands were studied. In this connexion, three considerations were made, the figure of mucigen granules, and strength of the staining reactions.After testing all the slides of mucigen contents of all the surface and Cryptcells was randomly divided in to five grades, recorded in + ( pantie ) , ++ ( rebuff ) ,+++ ( moderate ) , ++++ ( marked ) , and +++++ ( heavy ) .


General Observations

The animate beings in group- A looked slow and weak during last 2-3 yearss ofExperimental period. They appeared lethargic, their response to stimuli wasSluggish and nutrient consumption was decreased as compared to animate beings of group- B.

Microscopic Observations

Under research lab microscope the animate beings of group -A showed epithelialmucose Secreting cells in mucous membrane disrupted and exfoliated at topographic points with moderategrade of pycnotic karyon. Inflammatory exudates including legion lymph cells,plasma cells and neutrophils and the mucigen contents in goblet cells on the surfaceand crypts was Scanty to negligible was observed in about all of the animate beings, asshown in Figure -1.The animate beings of group- B served as a control and appeared healthy and normalwith no mark of sick wellness. They showed normal activities throughout the Experimentalperiod, responded rapidly to stimuli and their nutrient consumption was normal.On microscopy, integral histological construction without any alteration in cecalmucous membrane was observed, as shown in Figure-2.


The present survey was designed to detect the morphological effects ofdiclofenac Na ( NSAID ) on goblet cells present in cecal mucous membrane of albino rats.

The diclofenac Na administered in a normal curative dosage of 2 mg/kgorganic structure weight, one time day-to-day orally for 2 hebdomads 3 produced exfoliation and depletion ofepithelial cells of cecal mucous membrane.After intervention with diclofenac Na ( NSAID ) in animate beings of group-A, general behaviour changed to ill, sulky and decreased nutrient consumption which may be attributed to unwanted effects of diclofenac Na toxicity. In this context our consequences are in understanding with Gabriel et al4, Bjarnason et al5, and graham et al6 who stated that disposal of diclofenac Na was associated with increased GI toxicity include mild indigestion or cachexy every bit good as more serious GI reactions such as ulceration, hemorrhage, perforation and other events taking to hospitalization or decease.On microscopic scrutiny of cecum revealed reduced mucosal thicknesswith reduced entire epithelial cell count per unit country and alterations in cytol, i.e.decreased mucin contents. These alterations are in conformance with the Surveies by Van-kolfshoten7, Kaufman8, Graham et al6, and Manocha3. In those surveies the research workers found common mucosal lesions, i.

e. erodings and ulcers found in tummy, little and big bowels except cecum.A extremely important lessening in mucosal thickness was observed which may be attributed to the deleterious consequence caused by diclofenac Na ( NSAID ) which might hold resulted into oncoming of the destruction with extended exfoliation of surface epithelial cells and ulceration, mucosal liner of cecum showed mortification which harmonizing to Kumar et al9 resulted most normally from sudden terrible ischaemia due to irreversible hurt to cells.

Inflammatory mortification associated with consumption of NSAID along with pronounced infiltration of lymph cells, plasma cells, apoptotic, pycnotic, planate cells, and neutrophils were noticed in lamina propria every bit good as within epithelial tissue. Our findings are in understanding with Kumar et al9 and Lee10 who found that the presence of apoptotic organic structures particularly in the colonic crypts might indicative to exposure in peculiar to NSAID therapy. Apoptosis was found to be a conspicuous characteristic in instances of inflammatory bowel disease related beyond sensible uncertainty to the disposal of diclofenac Na. Apoptotic organic structures were present in significant figure in inflammatory bowel disease associated with diclofenac Na.

The mechanisms by which drugs bring about apoptotic alterations are far from clear. In NSAID associated inflammatory bowel disease, cryptal programmed cell death have been often accompanied by other histological abnormalcies, more notably an addition in lymph cells in lamina propria every bit good as addition in intraepithelial lymph cells chiefly in crypts themselves. In some cases at that place has been grounds of more acute crypt harm with incipient or even blunt crypt abscess formation.In the instance of NSAID associated lesions, nevertheless, programmed cell death has been accompanied by inflammatory alterations and in peculiar by a focal addition in intraepithelial lymph cells in the crypts and may good be immunologically mediated10.The mucin contents in goblet cells become low and ascertained pantie to cold-shoulder on PAS stained subdivisions. Our consequences are in complete understanding with Lee10 who found that the crypts showed significant goblet cell depletion with diclofenac Na.

The inflammatory alterations in which both plasma cells and lymph cells engagement were accompanied by more terrible reaction and even crypt disintegration.


These consequences suggest that diclofenac Na causes terrible cecalmucosal harm in albino rats.


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