Effects of Smartphone Essay

Noticing or not, technology is often changing the way our brain function. Our minds are filled with information from the media every single day. The radio, TV, newspaper and internet are always putting out information about our world.

However, is all this information we are taking in the truth? Or could this info be society wants us to believe? Either way, in the end, you are the one that chooses what you believe in. Although technology is growing exponentially and becoming a factor of our lives more and more everyday, it can also have negative effects in our society today.Lets take a look at one of the most revolutionary technology devices today, the iPhone from Apple Inc. It’s much easier to tell you what the iPhone can’t do, rather then what it can do.

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With almost millions of applications for the iPhone, it can serve you from giving the direction to your destination, to telling you how many calories in the bagel you’re going to eat, to visually connecting you to another iPhone user across the world. The apple iPhone is one of the best tools a company can have to spread their product and ideas.To give you a idea of how powerful and outstanding the Apple company has become from its products similar to the iPhone, writer Brandon Griggs from CNN titles an article, “ Apple now has more cash than the US government”. Why is the iPhone the best selling cell phone in the world today? Well, first of all I would barely call an iPhone a cell phone. This device is much more of a portable-mini-computer rather than just a cell phone.

Unbelievably, there are still things an iPhone can do, that a computer can’t. Imagine if everyday life hassles could be solved on your iPhone?For example, your son is on a trip in Europe for months and you can’t wait to see him. It’s killing you that all you can do is hear his voice. With Facetime, one of iPhone’s main gadgets, Mom can finally have a face to face chat with her missed son. In general, the device makes getting in touch with the people you care about much easier.

Mostly every social network web is accessible through the iPhone. Plus, buying a new GPS, a camera, and carrying around an MP3 can be very worrisome. You could easily misplace your average MP3 or brake an expensive camera.Why spend hundreds of dollars on these equipment when all you need to buy and carry is one device? Why waste gas money to go pick up a pizza or go to the bank, when you can make those transactions through your phone? The iPhone saves time and best of all, money! With calendars, agenda apps, alarm clock and weather apps, these tools can help you organize your day and future plans.

With the new iPhone 4S, the new Seri software enables you to “tell” your phone what to do, instead of having to find the button for your task. It’s your own personal slave robot in your control.On the flip side, people can easily disregard the negative effects of how this I-can-do-everything device may be changing the way out brain functions.

A normal consumer of the iPhone could easily say that the iPhone is perfect, without any problems or cons associated with the device. Yet, have they ever thought for a minute what this attention snatcher might lead to? Are they just to fascinated with every pros it brings to their life? One afternoon back in Cape Cod, I was hanging out in my living room with six of my friends. Five of us owned an iPhone (including myself).The TV was shutoff, and our favorite music played softly in the background. Many great conversations arose as we relaxed on the immense L-shaped couch. However, when one group conversation would end, and no follow-ups were found, every iPhone user would change their focus to their phones until a new conversation started. How is that a problem? They are just using it when nothing is going on? Ok, imagine if my group of friends had nothing to talk about in the first place, or the ones responsible for starting conversations were occupied.

Would the others retreat to their phones and just disconnect from the people around them?O At the rate technology is occupying our lives today, human to human interaction is becoming less and less. Many people can handle it, however what about the youth of the future generations? Just imagine the next generations retreating to their high techy portable-devices when they have nothing to do or talk about having all these past time apps can sure lessen the time for a kid to use creativity and make up their own thoughts. Also, with all these social networking apps commonly used with iPhone, people get very caught up in their social image.They tend to post statuses and pictures of what people will appreciate like a hot pic or a cool status that everyone can comment on. The media is putting pressure on these kids and having these social webs everywhere they go with their phones, can be a serious threat for finding their own identity.

Finally, doing many tasks that would usually take you energy and managing time skills are also decreasing. With a touch of a button, you can take care of the bill you didn’t pay, and buy those groceries that can be delivered instead of walking up an down the isle.As technology develops, less effort is needed throughout everyday. At this rate, this lack of energy could cause people to do everything from their couch, leading to less physical activity and even obesity.

In a world that seems to be developing an artificial heart and mind, people need to realize the risks that come with technology. Technology and its forms, like the iPhone, are not necessarily bad. It all comes to the consumer and their awareness of their virtual reality against the real world they physically live in.Knowing how much technology to intake is vital to the future world that is developing.

I love having the iPhone 4S, although sometimes I get caught up within a 3 hour trance with the phone. I’m slowly learning how to use my iPhone to my advantage like running my errands in a shorter time, leading to a more productive day. But then again, I am fueling the technology engine and forcing it to become something I need more then something to appreciate. With so many pros, but a few effective life side effects, how will you let technology effect your life?


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