Effects of Poverty on Education Essay

“It’s still true that, on average, it’s better to get the higher degree; it’s better to keep climbing—but it’s less and less true,” quoted by Anthony Carnevale.

A high college education is very important amongst our society. A college education is extremely valued and everyone should get one so that we can all be educated to better our society. There is a big difference between the people who have completed their college education and those who have not completed it. A person can almost immediately tell if a person had gone through college or not.The difference between the two may not appear instantly but it can be clear if someone has a lower education after spending time with them over time and talking to them for quite a while. College education appears to become more important and can affect a person in a lot of different ways.

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Getting a college education has many effects on everyone. People get prepared for the real world through college. They learn personal freedom and how to incorporate education in our society. College inspires people to dream, reach their highest aspirations, and to choose wisely.It is very confusing to think that people undermine the value of a college education often. College is where people go to challenge their mental capabilities and to further their learning experience. College helps us grow and mature as individuals and create a future in society. Individual salaries are strongly related to educational achievement.

People that have completely finished high school make more than those individuals who have not. People with a bachelor’s degree make more than those with just an undergraduate education.And the people with a graduate education make more than the individuals with only an undergraduate education.

After some research, I discovered that the average annual earnings of people with a bachelor’s degree are more than 75 percent higher than the earnings of the individuals with just a high school education. Then those additional earnings make up about over one million dollars in a lifespan. Those that have received bachelor’s degrees earn about $2. 27 million over their lifetime while those with a master, doctoral, and professional degrees earn $2. 67 million, $3.

5 million, and $3. 65 million. Also, the superiority of the institution at a university that an individual attends to has many various benefits. The students that graduate from a top university earn significantly more than those who graduate from a lower quality university. I did consider the fact that a more elite university would have a higher cost than the lower quality university but I discovered that the payoff from going to college is huge and actually increasing. The benefits of a college education are seen to be more than three times as large as the cost.It has also been prominent that people who have a college education have a habit of being more satisfied as individuals.

They enjoy the wealth and are comfortable with themselves than other. They take great pride knowing that they have achieved their education in life and find great satisfaction in the knowledge that they have achieved. The specialized knowledge an individual learns is key. There are terms and words that are used and understood mostly by professionals in a certain area of work. Understanding and using these words are learned through higher education.When the time comes for a job interview, being able to demonstrate that the vocabulary an individual has learned is competent and will be able to communicate effectively is highly important and another stepping stone in getting the job that will have a good salary. Getting a higher education is considered one of the biggest milestones of somebody’s life.

People with an elite college education can be spotted out from a group instantly and is considered somebody successful. The effects of getting a good college education or not can impact the rest of your life and either leaves you financially stable or unstable.All people have the right to decide what they want to do in their life: they can choose whatever they want. If they just want to finish high school and start working, they can do so. If they want to get into college and get a degree, they can do that, too.

Nobody can make decisions for you, not even your parents. However we all know that the better education you have the better future you will have. Some of the effects of getting a good education are high pay and a good self-esteem. I believe we need to value higher education more because it does eventually pay off and make our society better.


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