Effects of Floods Essay

Floods are mostly caused by the intensive rainfall that incereases the water level dramatically and results excessive water overflow that might have some devastating effects on te endangerd areas.

This unexpected hazard might have a significant impact on both economy and human beings. Firstly, an overflow of the expanse of water has a considerable impact on the economy of the country. The submergence of the land, results in a destruction of buildings and roads which , in turns , is strictly connected with the rebuilding cost including resources used for resisting flood , fire control and aid workers.As quite frequently the damaged buildings are sites for business running , the revenue loss in production and industry may contribute , to severe economic detoriation. Repetitive floods may discourage foreign investments from the private sector and therefore weaken the economy.

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Furthermore , water that covers agricultural lands leads to the damage of crops or even loss of livestock , and the resulting food shortage is responsible for increased food prices.Moreover, inundated areas are inaccessible , unattractive and lack both the utilities and services , and therefore a temporary decline in turism might occur. Recurring floods may result in a forced migration towards safer areas and a mass movement , especially of skilled labour , might have a very harmful effect on the growth of the local economy. Secondly, floods might have an impact in human beings . Lost of property leaves people homeless , destruction of crops might lead to starvation, not mentioning the direct death or injury resulting from facing the flood.Damaged buildings and consequently,the limited services and utilities , expose people to lower standards of living, deprive them of professional medical heaalthcare and isolate them from the rest of society. What’s more, a direct contact with contamined water may trigger waret-borne diseases that can make people feel uncomfortable or even experience a severe pain.

As flooded areas might be a favourable condition for repreduction of mosquitoes, there is a risk of an outbreak of malaria- epidemic prone infection.A temporary change in human condition , such as overcrowding or sleeping outside, make people even more vulnerable to suffer from a wide range of disorders. Limited energy supply that often accompanies the inundation may make freezing food impossible and therefore increase the risk of food poisoning. Additionally, floods might result in mental and physical stress that is related to the loss of family and property. Financial worries, traumatic recollection of the feeling of the disaster itself and inability to contact anyone for advice may result in severe depresion.In conclusion , floods might have a devastating impact on economy as well as on human beings itself. Damaged buildings are strictly connected with reconstruction costs, unemployment and decrease in productivity .

Land damage in turn, results in a tourism decrease and increase in food prices. Humans may suffer from a loss of property , lower standards of living , diseases and even mental disorders. Summing up, the effects of floods may be dtrastic in terms of economy detorioration and direct harm to humans.


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