Effective Teamwork Essay

“What should workplace?” One of the many things to be aware of is that in a workplace environment, most of your work will be accomplished in teams. An organization’s success is largely based on how effective their teams are.

Why? Because a single person doesn’t have all the skills to complete a project. By working in a team, each person will use the skills they are strong in while learning new skills from their team members. This memo briefly explains six ways that you and your team can utilize to make your teamwork effective and enjoyable. 1.

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Assembling an effective team2. Agreeing on team goals and standards3. Giving the team time to develop4. Developing good leadership5. Plan for effective meetings6.

Being a good team member1. ASSEMBLING AN EFFECTIVE TEAMAvoid choosing friends as team membersChoose people with the right skillsSkills you may lack inThink about who has the time to contributeChoose people who are interested in the topic/projectThink about who is easy to work with2. AGREE ON TEAM GOALS AND STANDARDSEffective teams are goal orientedThey are also results-orientedThey have standards and hold each member accountable for them3. GIVE THE TEAM TIME TO DEVELOPStages of developmentFormingStormingNormingPerforming4. DEVELOP GOOD LEADERSHIPWays a leader can serve a team and help members succeedEstablish and maintain a vision of the futureCreate a supportive environmentDivide responsibility and tasks equallyEstablish a timelineKeep the task on trackManage meetings effectively and encourage collaborationEnsure effective decision makingResolve differences constructively5.

PLAN FOR EFFECTIVE MEETINGSCreate an agendaBase it on input from each memberAssign a timekeeper during meetingsKeeps track of agenda and prevents ‘sidetrackness’Assign a note takerMeeting minutesReview past discussions /topicsSchedule next meeting6. BE A GOOD TEAM MEMBERCommit to the team and its goalsSupport and encourage each otherFocus on improvementBy following these tips, you will be able to create an effective team environment.


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