effect out of three typical Ukrainian politicians,

effect – the desire to get to the truth. However, it does not seem possible anymore. Media sources dropthe information, which is politically controlled. Russian and Ukrainian sourcesare different, however most of them are under the total control of a state.Moreover, nowadays people trust social networks, where emotions, arguing,freedom of speech play a negative role in the relations between nations. At this point, to give an example of the most notable liars in Ukrainian politics, I agree with VoxCheck Journal (2017), which made a full analysis of political speeches. The 91% of the leader statements of the “Batkivshchyna” party – Yulia Tymoshenko was manipulative or simply used exaggerated information to achieve own goals.To twist the statistics, to mention the weakness of the Ukrainian society, to recall the past is a favorite rhetorical device of the politician.

Thus, in two cases out of three typical Ukrainian politicians, like P. Poroshenko, Y. Tymoshenko, V.Yanukovich, and many others lie in his public speeches, manipulating with data, exaggerating, adding emotional paint.

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For instance, as a result, 95% of all quotes of Yulia Tymoshenko was negatively charged, such as “suborn”, “genocide”, “social destruction” are her favorite phrases.Lie is’booming’ among domestic politicians, according to the analyst Petro Oleshhuk (2017), because ofthe irresponsibility of civil society, which does not analyze all of the words of politicians. Some experts believe that exactly Ukrainian society demand politicians to lie. People trust those, who say that Ukraine is ‘waiting for a long and difficult reforms’, or those, who convince that increase of salaries or pensions will follow.

These false promises are the parts of speeches for the presidential elections and a part of Ukrainian daily life. People with no awareness of how the policy of post-truth works, give the lie a chance to own a country. Political analyst V. Fesenko confirms the fact that the policy of post-truth takes place in Ukraine, according to the politicians, who often repeat the same thesis several times.

Most often, the same politicians or supporters of similar political party. And people absorb such information with no analysis. Thus, it proves their short political memory.

(New Time and VoxUkraine, 2017)It is time to sum up and consider other problems that allow this theory to spread around the Ukraine. The lack of critical thinking of Ukrainians is surprising. However, it is difficult to assume how many people really care about politics, how many people contribute. On the other hand, it is very visible how irrational and accusingly behave those who could be interested. Absolute populism is the result of weaponized information in a country. It is simply the overflowing of low quality and fake manipulation. Nevertheless, “to achieve global change without changing the priorities in the education and in the minds of people is impossible” (Politeka, 2017).

 Anyway,Ukraine is not the only country which faced such a problem. It depends on the sideyou watch from. I do not deny that media resources and information were usedfor useful purposes too.

For example, this was one of the tools for unity ofpeople on Maidan in 2013.  I hope overtime Ukrainians will understand and learn how to use this theory and in goodorder, not only to manipulate, especially not to be manipulated. As forexample, most of the decisions of the British withdrawal from the EU, or the USPresidential elections, Russian propaganda in Ukraine were also dictated byemotions. What if there was no such a policy? Manipulationhas always existed, but perhaps such a peak of efficiency was not expected.With no lie and propaganda, the outcome would be quite different.

Trump wouldnot have such popularity; the Russian media would not have such credibilityamong Russian citizens and Ukraine would not be owned by a lie. The problem isthat the country, the regime, the political structure itself brought itssociety to such a condition. Should be beneficial for everyone to learn how todistinguish propaganda from the truth. Ukrainian society needs to start with itself– to educate themselves, to check the facts, because so far it is the bestsolution.



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