Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Effect of Cell Phone Use on Affiliation Essay

Effect of Cell Phone Use on Affiliation Essay

Topic: “The effect of cell phone use on need for affiliation. ” Hypothesis: Teenagers who use cell phones, use them to feel that they are affiliated with their social groups at all times. These teenagers use their cell phones as a convenient way to fulfill their need for affiliation, therefore taking the place of acquainting in person. Experimental Design: An experiment to prove my hypothesis could be to evaluate a control group and experimental group based on how many times they hang out with their respective social groups.

Group A is the control group that would consist of five eighteen year olds that are daily cell phone users. Group B is the experimental group that would also consist of five eighteen year olds that are daily cell phone users. However, the experimental group will give up their cell phones for a month. The age restriction of eighteen is based on how teenagers use cell phones most frequently out of any age group. This experiment will take place over a month and will be recorded by the amount of times each participant acquaints with their social group. This T-Test can be recorded by the observation of participants.

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The independent variables for my experiment are the cell phones and the dependent variables are the amount of times the participants are acquainting with their social groups. Experimental Research Question: Does a group of eighteen year old cell phone users that surrender their cell phones for a month, have the same need for affiliation as a group who keep using their phone for the same period of time? Statistical Analysis: A T-Test will be implemented to analyze the change in socializing after the keeping or surrendering of a cell phone for a month.

Correlational Design: For a correlational experiment I will be looking at the different amount of social time spent with friends, comparing daily cell phone users and non-cell phone users. For this I will gather ten teenagers, five daily cell phone users and five non-cell phone users; all eighteen years of age. I will interview each participant to see how much of a need for affiliation the cell phone users have, and how much of a need of affiliation the non-cell phone users have.

I will try to determine if the non-cell phone users find alternate ways of maintaining their affiliations, indicating a strong need. I will compare their need for affiliation to if they are a cell-phone user or not. Correlational Research Question: Do cell phone users have a greater need for affiliation over non-cell phone users? Statistical Analysis: An R-Test will be implemented to analyze the need for affiliation in relation between cell phone and non-cell phone users.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Experimental: An advantage of experimental design will be that you are able to determine the cause and effect of the study. A disadvantage of this design is that there is a possibility that the participants have been through this type of experimental study before. Advantages and Disadvantages of Correlational: An advantage of my correlational design is that it is a successful way to study the data that I desire without observation. A disadvantage is that the results are based on what the participants say rather than what they actually, and truthfully, do.