The film was written and directed by S S Rational and it stars Nan’, Samaritan and Sudden in the lead roles. Nan’ is a young man who is madly online with Bind. Anna Is in love with Blend for two years and has been constantly showing his love for her. Bind loves Anna too but hides her love for him. Sudden Is the bad-ass on this film. He Is very wealthy man. He Is Interested with Blend and wanted her badly.

Sudden killed Anal to get closer to Blend. Anna reincarnates as housefly and plans to take revenge with Sudden. When ones desire Is very Intense, a normal person will appear to possess superhuman powers. When we want something so badly, there Is nothing that can stop us. This feeling of desire reinforces our will and awakens In us the determination to work for our desired goals. The movie has few lessons that we can ponder on. First is the Power of faith.

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Take the example of Anna who had utilized his weakness (small size) into a big opportunity o overcome the powerful Sudden is a true reflection that man can rely on the power of his faith. Second is fighting for Justice, the way Egg fights back the Justice despite being put down at every step teaches us that we should never give up and always fight for our rights. Teaching or coaching – in this movie Bind helped a drunken thief through her engaging conversation with Egg, and Bind unknowingly become a mentor to the thief and the later becomes the best performer in his company and chosen to be .NET abroad.Sometimes sharing our knowledge to our friends or colleagues is the best gift that we can give.

Our simple knowledge may contribute a big difference to their lives. Teamwork- in this movie Egg Is communicating with Blend and later make her to help him to become the reason of the downfall of Sudden. Every task or work will be done easier If there is teamwork. Teamwork can be applied In our dally lives, Just Like doing a simple group work at school; It will be done smoothly If there Is teamwork.

Helping without hesitation Is the last lesson that I can site on this movie. Look at how Egg had helped the situation of Blend and tried to bring back the smile on her face. If we give help to others we should not expect anything In return. Help should be given whole heartedly and with no hesitations. Kids who normally is the market for animations but to all ages because of the lessons and moral of that we can learn from it.

I will highly recommend this movie.


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