Edward Estlin Cummings Essay

Edward Estlin Cummings or E.

E. Cummings. as he was popularly called was an American poet. painter. litterateur.

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writer. and dramatist. His organic structure of work encompasses about 2. 900 verse forms. two autobiographical novels. four dramas and several essays.

every bit good as legion drawings and pictures. He is remembered as a leading voice of twentieth century poesy. One of his major work is the poem “ I thank You God” . The verse form by e. e. Edward Estlin Cummingss.

titled “I thank you God for most this amazing… ” suggests a manner of perceptual experience that differs from ordinary vision.We notice foremost in this verse form that the twenty-four hours itself is seen as amazing ; the “spirits of trees” that leap suggest their signifier ; the sky is a “blue true dream. ” and “everything” is natural. space and “yes” . The talker is about breathless ; he barely pauses. holding no infinite even between his semi-colons. We find the poet both dead.

so reborn in his communicating with the Earth and with nature ; he is bit by bit converted into a new kingdom of consciousness. As in the instance of any little kid. he views the earth’s being in the linguistic communication of his newfound cognizance–he is reborn. therefore so is the Sun and life and love and wings. even the Earth itself.All things are new exactly because he is renewed.

Following. his senses become the conduits to the metaphysical. By the word “God” he could intend a personal divinity or a pantheist integrity impossible in kernel.

The effect of the verse form speaks more efficaciously to the former–glorying in the senses arises from gratitude. which begs a topic. It would be hard to be thankful to impersonality.

Rather. the verse form takes on a sacramental significance ; the poet penetrates the universe. and the Earth itself–as it should–becomes the conduit to spiritual religion.The talker is finite. a “human simply being” hold oning for the “unimaginable” space. and detecting religion through what is ; in other words. through the animalism of the Earth environing him.

Hence. he concludes. “now the ears of my ears awake and/now the eyes of my eyes are opened.

” an allusion to a common motive running through much of the Christian Scriptures. Ecclesiastes. for case. contains a plaint for “the oculus non filled with seeing” ; the prophesier Isaiah condemns those with “ears who do non hear” because of hard-boiled Black Marias.The poet’s enlightenment. interestingly.

begins with gratitude and an grasp for nature. the Sun and sky. and this is what leads to life and love and wings.

all of which erase uncertainty. This is an unusual path to enlightenment. and unlike pantheism ( which in its many signifiers begins with a cardinal rejection of nature as illusory and ends with the stepping down of the ego ) .

Rather. Edward Estlin Cummingss affirms with humbleness his humanity and all of nature. the “great go oning illimitably earth” . The procedure he describes therefore begins with thanks and revelry in the senses and ends with religion and enlightenment.


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