Education: The Greatest Tool Towards Success Essay

Education: The Greatest Tool Towards SuccessLife has always been about the choices that we make in our lives. People would either opt to do things that would help them become better individuals. Unfortunately, there are those times when impulsive thinking would lead to negative actions, and even failure. My life is not much of the extraordinary. Like others, I work hard and give my best in order to be acknowledged for my performance.

My main goal in life is to be successful in all endeavors I venture in. Life entails numerous difficulties that should be addressed properly. SLike any other individual, I have worked my way up the ladder of success. Unfortunately, I still do not consider my self successful.

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I believe that I still have numerous things to learn about my chosen profession, and life, in general.Originally, I am from STATE COUNTRY. Like in any other country, life in STATE COUNTRY was never easy. My parents had to work hard in order to fend for the needs of the family. For this, I learned how to value and give importance to my education. As a child, my parents showed us the value of hard work before being rewarded. I was able to bring this knowledge with me as I grew older.

I spent most of my formative years in NAME OF CITY/COUNTRY. Through the years I spent in NAME OF CITY/COUNTRY, I was able to develop myself emotionally and spiritually. I was also able to learn the realities of life that were eventually helpful to my future endeavors.

Living independently in a different country is difficult, especially for people who are accustomed to a pampered life. Fortunately, my parents were able to teach me the realities of life. At a young age, I was able to learn how to adapt and adjust to my environment.When I reached the age of STATE AGE, I went to Italy to pursue my college degree. I was accepted in the International Finance program of the European School of Economics. As known to many, admission to the European School of Economics was difficult.

Students should possess exemplary grades and performance in high school in order to be accepted. My determination to be successful in life would start in my admission to the school. I was fortunate enough to be one of their selected students.Being accepted at the European School of Economics was an achievement from my end.

The school would be able to help me fulfill my endeavors, especially in becoming a successful professional. My experience in the said school was something that I would not trade the world for. The professors were supportive of our goals, and helped us in the ways they knew would benefit us.

The many years of school helped me to achieve an in-depth knowledge of Finance and Economics, which included a clear understanding of the financial concepts, and methods used in Finance.As part of our curriculum, I also participated in two different kinds of internships. The first internship I took was with the STATE NAME OF COMPANY. I worked there as STATE POSITION intern. The said training lasted for four months, wherein I was exposed to more details associated with the said field. I must say that the few months I spent in STAE NAME OF COMPANY were served as a good experience in my life.

I was able to fully understand the technicalities of finance explained during class through its application.My theoretical knowledge about my course was further heightened when I joined the internship program of the STATE NAME OF COMPANY. I worked as STATE POSTION intern for two months. The said internship gave me the opportunity to see beyond my scope of knowledge. I was able to see the different policies associated with the two companies that I worked for.

Furthermore, the comparison was also helpful in my growth. This may be attributed to the fact that I was able to see the two sides of the profession from the two companies that were unknown to many. The strengths and weaknesses of both companies would help me decide on what strategies to use and avoid.

Living in Italy for the past couple of years made me realize how much I enjoy the culture and lifestyle of its residents. I was able to easily adapt and blend with the residents of the country, without having to change much about myself. As I learned more from their way and style of living, I became more inclined into living in Italy.My curiosity and determination to increase my knowledge about finance and economics paved way for me to study further. Success is not just determined by knowledge, but also with what I can contribute to the betterment of my life, and that of society. For this, I have opted to widen my knowledge by taking up my Maters Degree in Finance. The choice for a school never became a problem for me, primarily because the European School of Economics has exhibited much during the acquisition of my Bachelors Degree.Furthermore, I believe that the standards set by the institution for its students would come to my advantage.

The rigorous training and excessive knowledge shared to students is exemplary, as compared to other schools. In addition to this, studying in the said school would not be difficult from my end anymore, primarily because I know how the institution handles and caters to the needs of its students.Acquiring my Masters degree from the European School of Economics would also be to my advantage. The school exhibits high standards of education, and expects its students to be at the top of their league.

The faculty and academic staff of the institution are also of great help to the learning of the students. In addition to this, the facilities are up to date, especially with the technological advancements.The Master’s degree is not just a continuation of the knowledge acquired during college. Rather, the degree aims to help students have a wider knowledge about the said profession. In addition to this, the students are given an intellectual and rigorous training that would also be beneficial in the personal growth of the students.Although much interest is seen regarding my road to success, I believe that I still have much to learn. Much exposure would eventually open more doors for me, especially with regards to my internship.

In the future, this would also generate more opportunities for me, especially in finding suitable jobs in Italy. From the many years of my existence, I believe that exposure and experience would also help me become known in my chosen field. My dreams and aspirations are not limited to just the acquisition of a Masters degree in Information Management. I also believe that the knowledge I have acquired from school would be of great help in my development as an individual.

In addition to this, I would be able to show people how versatile I can be in terms of my work performance, and what I can do in order to make a difference.Moreover, I believe that the institution would prepare me for the real world. The exemplary training that the institution would give me would help me to become well rounded. In addition to this, I would become more open to changes, especially if it is for the betterment of society.            My personal goals are not just focused in my success as a professional. I would like to work for different companies, who would eventually help me become more competent in my chosen field. When I become well equipped, I want to be hired and work for an international financial institution. This would give me more opportunity to widen my perspective, and meet new people.

            Working for international companies would also fulfill my dream of traveling the world. Through business travels, I would be given the opportunity go to different countries, and become witnesses to different cultures. Not only would my perception be limited to the cultures that I have read through books and those I have seen on television, but I would also be able to understand things that are beyond my reach.            Much about my life has already been given in this paper. I know that I am unlike others who have exemplary awards and recognitions found in their resumes. I cannot promise that I could be the best student that the institution has ever had. All I can say is that I have the will and the determination to be successful in life.            When given the opportunity to assess everything that has been said, I guess that it is just proper for me to give the chance for admission.

All people should be given the chance to shine and become someone irrespective of the accomplishments and recognitions given. What is important is the fact that each applicant is willing to learn and make a difference in society. Dreams and goals in life would always be an advantage for applicants, regardless of who they are and where they are from. What is important is they have the determination to become someone of great importance in the future. 


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