Education order to raise the workforce; in

Education in Wales partially differsfrom the rest of the countries of the United Kingdom.

The aims of the Welshschools are social inclusion, equal opportunities and also giving importance tothe Welsh-English bilingualism. Education in Wales is provided to children andyoung people, allowing them to express their potential without countingindividual needs and problems.   A wide range of qualifications is offered in Wales byFurther Education institutions. There are academic qualifications as A levelsand the Welsh Baccalaureate, or professional courses for individual andbusiness open to students of all ages. Further Education Institutions arerepresented by two organisations: “Colegau Cymru and Colleges Wales” (“Schools & further education in Wales,” n.d.).

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They also offer study opportunities to foreign students. There are coursesorganised by colleges with the help of businesses in order to raise theworkforce; in fact, there are many part-time students. Theschool is changing in Wales. A new scholar curriculum is developed and it willbe available by April 2019 for the “Pioneer Schools” (“New school curriculum,” n.d.

).  It will take one more year for the finalversion and other 2 years for being used in all the country.Ingeneral, there should be more emphasis on adapting young people to life.Children will have to gain the ability to learn new skills and use theirknowledge in a creative and positive way. Particular attention will be paid todigital skills, in taking the opportunities and avoiding the risks that thevirtual world involves.

Another key point could be to encourage students on theirperformance and in what they have in order to improve themselves. Thenew curriculum should help Welsh children to become “capable learners, creativecontributors, informed citizens of Wales and the world and confidentindividuals” (“New school curriculum,” n.d.). It will have six main subjects: arts, health, humanities,languages, mathematics and science.Thereason why the Welsh School is changing might depend on technology.

Computers,smartphone and tablets didn’t exist in 1993 when the last school reform was introduced.Technology and globalization have taken the school to be more flexible andadaptable to this environment. The challenge will probably be “making learningmore experience-based” (“Newschool curriculum,” n.d.

), and togive teachers the possibility to teach in more creative ways.Animportant contribution to the developing of the new curriculum is due to thework of the Pioneer Schools. They have worked with key figures such as “localauthorities, regional consortia, the schools inspection body, external experts,the further and higher education sectors, employers and Welsh government” (“New school curriculum,” n.d.). Practical support will be provided for all schoolsby the Pioneer Schools Network; consequently, a new develop of the pedagogical skillswill probably lead to an efficacious implementation of the new curriculum.

TheDigital Competence Framework develops essential skills that help to live andwork in a digital world. The Digital Competence Framework has four layers of thesame relevance: “citizenship, interacting and collaborating, producing, dataand computational thinking” (“Newschool curriculum,” n.d.).


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