Edible one of the seven commodities that

Ediblemushroom that I choose is grey oyster mushroom. Grey oyster mushroom (Pleurotus sajor-caju) belongs to Class Basidiomycetes and in Agaricaceae family.

In Malaysia, grey oystermushroom was among the popular edible mushroom. This edible mushroom famous inMalaysia because it is very suitable in our lowland area. It is grow easily inour tropical forests as they grows on dead anddecaying wooden logs or sometimes on dying trunks of deciduous or coniferouswoods. It is also can grow naturally in our temperature. Mushroom have their own economic important as mushroom have ahigher demand from the local and international markets due to their uniquenessfrom every single characteristic. From the last three decades, mushroom shows asignificant upward trend in global trade. Malaysia also not excluded from thisphenomenon.

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This is shown by their contribution on gross national income. It isrequired about 50 tonnes of mushroom per day to fulfil the demand in this localmarket. But our current production is only about 24 tonnes per day.

Therefore,it is selected as one of the seven commodities that can be develop commerciallyto generate higher income for the farmers and the country. Mushroom that beensold in our market was divided into three categories which is fresh, dried andmushroom based product.As the time goes by, our Malaysian people getting more educatetowards finding healthy food and alternative medicine to protect themselvesfrom illness rather than consume hospital medicine and they discover thatmushroom give so much benefits and contain a lot of nutrient which did not harmthem. This make the demand for mushroom increases. In economic and technologymanagement review, Vol 9b (2014): 103-111, they stated the demand is estimatedto increase from 20,000 tonnes in 2008 to 48,000 tonnes in 2020.On the other side, demand for the mushroom for internationalmarkets also increases make Malaysia have high opportunity to develop theirmushroom industries and lead to contribute in our gross national income. As shown in the table above, our supply toward internationalmarkets is still at low level. We only can export around 500 to 2000 tonnes ofmushroom per year.

Meanwhile, China can export more than 30,000 tonnes ofmushroom per year. This prove can make us improve our mushroom cultivation tofulfil the international market demand. It is clearly shown that mushroom wasvery importance in our economic.Among all the cultivated edible mushrooms, Pleurotus speciesare known as the cheapest and easiest to grow.

Compared to button mushroomcultivation method, grey oyster mushroom cultivation only required simplemethod which does not require complicated substrate preparation technique. Itcan be grown on non-fermented, almost fresh plant residues (agri-wastescontaining lignin and cellulose). Furthermore, grey oyster mushroom can grow atmoderate temperature ranging from 20 to 300 C and humidity55-70% for a period of 6 to 8 months in a year. Substrate preparation does notrequire controlled environmental conditions as in case of button mushroom. Itcan also be cultivated in summer months by providing the extra humidity requiredfor its growth. In hilly areas above 900m. (m.

s.l.), the best growing season isduring March/April to  September/October and in the lower regionsfrom September/October to March/April.      It’s also grows on decay organic matter which make it easy to begrows for commercial. This is the best mothed been used by farmers that run thecommercial business either to fulfil the domestic demand or internationaldemand towards grey oyster.

Unlike white button mushroom, the oyster mushroom fruit bodies can beeasily dried and stored. Dried oyster mushrooms can be instantly used aftersoaking in hot water for 5 to 10 minutes or it can be used in powdered form forseveral preparations. Fresh mushrooms have a shelf life of 24-48 h even at roomtemperature.Mushroomspecies have the potential to be developed into functional foods for their highnutritional value and because they are a source of biologically activecompounds of medicinal importance. The investigation on the beneficialproperties of edible mushrooms has gained attention by the scientific communityduring the last decades.

In the light of the emerging literature, the objectiveof this review was to compile the more recent information about the healthbenefits associated to the edible mushrooms intake. It can be concluded thatthe consumption of mushrooms as a part of daily diet could be a naturaladjuvant for the treatment and prevention of several chronic diseases.The economic importance of the grey oyster mushroom first of all it isuse as food for human consumption.

  It is rich in Vitamin C and Bcomplex. This oyster mushroom have the protein content varies between 1.6 to2.5 percent which mean it has most of the mineral salts that required by thehuman body.  This mushroom act as an alternative source of protein topoor people in the developing country to be consume as it is contain all thenine essential amino acids which basically needed for human growth.

Grey oystermushroom have high demand from end users. As it offer affordable price to beconsume as a daily food intake. It is also good for the non-vegetarianas they can replace the protein from meat just by eat mushroom. The niacin content is about ten timeshigher than any other vegetables. The niacin is used to Oystermushrooms also serve as a source of niacin, or vitamin B-3. Like iron, niacinsupports your metabolism.

It helps you break down nutrients — including thecarbohydrates, proteins, fats and alcohols from your diet — into fuel for yourtissues. Niacin also regulates the activity of G-proteins, a class of enzymesinvolved in cell communication. Each 1-cup serving of oyster mushrooms provides4.3 milligrams of niacin, which is 31 percent of the recommended daily intakefor women and 27 percent for men, according to guidelines set by the Instituteof Medicine.

 On the other side, oyster mushroom contain folic acid which can helps tocure anemia that usually attack pregnant women as they give their nutrient totheir baby. For people whom have hyper-tension, obesity, and diabetes they alsocan eat this oyster mushroom as its low sodium : potassium ratio, starch, fatand calorific value. It is also suitable for those having hyperacidity andconstipation as it have alkaline ash and high fibre.  As the conclusion, grey oyster mushroom have its own economicimportance. It is contribute to gross national income because it have highdemand on domestic and international markets which increases up to 15% everysingle year.


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