eCommerce: Building a Tourism Website Essay

In recent years, Ecommerce is getting more and more attention from entrepreneurs and consumers, both locally and internationally.

Ecommerce has been becoming an essential business plan for a company in order to survive and stay competitive in the ever changing market. Therefore it is clearly seen that building a website for the company to do business is so essential. Being aware of that importance of ecommerce, our group ultimately designed and built a website about tourism to be our idea for doing business.The decision of choosing tourism as our service is not only because of its big contribution to economy of Vietnam and its attraction to customers but also because of our aim to provide people with the information and knowledge of beautiful scenes and nature of Vietnam. Tourism is, nowadays, developing to a great extent both in domestic market and international one, which brings lots of benefits to the travel agencies and others related.

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Our travel company is taking in step on the way to affirm high tourism services in tourism industry with responsible and enthusiastic staffs.We provide customers not only with our exclusive tours but also wonderful services. We offer tours in the destinations that we consider perfect choices for your leisure time: Each place is home to rich cultural traditions, good accommodation, sophisticated dining and shopping, and a solid tourism infrastructure. Our goal is customer’s satisfaction, coming to us you will have picturesque about Vietnamese, peaceful sceneries, daily life of ethnic group minority and more than that. To finish website on time, each member of our group is responsible for many tasks as follows: Dung spent two week to do his tasks: Set up Joomla, Virtuamart and modules, other necessary plugins to operate website.

* Find suitable templates to integrate with tourism website * Solve problems related to design, font or code mistakes * Design main menu and sub-menu * Choose positions for the appearance of modules, articles and categories on homepage* Upload website to host and run Thanh Thanh spent 4 days to take responsibility of her duties: * Upload tourism products via virtuamart * Set up software related to virtuamart like: currency unit, add to cart Ly spent 5 days to finish her tasks: * Upload travel news Find and upload pictures and articles on Slideshow on Homepage * Find pictures and upload to Photo galleries Linh spent 3 days to complete her tasks: * Find and upload articles in News including: About Vietnam, Festivals and events, foods and drinks H?ng spent 4 days to do those following things: * Find and upload Products to “other services” and “About us” * Create facebook account and find Clip on Youtube about tourism and make links for website * Take charge of process and methods of payment. In total, we did spend three weeks to finish our website and make it run normally.


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