Ecology: Atmosphere, Biosphere) using the water cycle.

Ecology: Water plays a huge role in Ecology.

All living things need water to survive, without it, no live on Earth would be able to survive. Water relates to Ecology through the water cycle, and the Earths four spheres. Water cycles through the atmosphere, soil, lakes, and oceans in ecosystems. In the water cycle, it begins in evaporation.

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The sun heats up the Earth water causing it to become warm and eventually evaporate. Then the water goes through condensation as the water vapor rises, it forms back into water when cooled; and then forms clouds. Next precipitation occurs.

The clouds become too heavy, and they are not able to carry the weight of all the water. So, some water droplets from the clouds begin to fall from the sky. This is commonly known as rain, but the water may also freeze and fall down as hail, or even snow. The water fallen is then collected by oceans, lakes, rivers and other bodies of water. The cycle then repeats. Water also relates to the Earths four spheres because the hydrosphere is made up of water.

Likewise, water cycles through the four spheres (Lithosphere, Hydrosphere, Atmosphere, Biosphere) using the water cycle. It can be considered that water is an abiotic factor as well since it is a non-living factor. Water too has an important role in plants and animals. The plants rely on water since water keeps it growing, and animals rely on water for drinking purposes and sometimes shelter purposes, depending on the location. The world has only 0.5% of freshwater left.

2.5% of water is locked away in glaciers, ice caps, and more. But that freshwater creates a shelter for polar bears, and other arctic animals. Polar bears rely on the ice to be able to catch fish and seals effectively.

As you may have noticed, water plays a tremendous role in Ecology.                                                                                           


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