EBay Bids for Structured Change Essay

EBay started out with a U signifier. or functional. design. What changes in that design have already occurred as a consequence of the company’s growing? What sort of alterations seem likely for the hereafter? •One of the first things we need to look at is what the u-form design is. The U-form organisation ( U stands for integrity ) . besides called functional design. relies about entirely on the functional attack to departmentalization.

The U-form design is used to implement a single-product scheme.Because of the accent on functional activities. coordination is highly of import ( edugov ) . Advantages: The costs of staffing each section with experts is lower than in organisations with other constellations. U-form design facilitates broad spans of direction and allows the Chief executive officer to centralise authorization. Drawbacks: U-form design slows determination devising. Unit employees may lose sight of overall organisational ends. and it is hard for the organisation to supervise the public presentation of single directors in the functional countries ( edugov ) .

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The add-on of more buyout companies ( PayPal. Skype ) created an development in direction design for eBay. The CEO and shareholders still needed to micro pull off the company. so the new bomber divisions were brought in and this created a alteration in the U signifier manner was implemented. This new manner so evolved into a better construction for faster determination devising and slightly eliminated the loss of sight of the overall ends of the organisation.

Some of the possible alterations in the construction of eBay will include a more end oriented mentality in the line countries of direction.This is to state the smaller troughs will hold more duty to steer and do alterations that will impact the organisations overall ends. With great power comes great duty and the line directors will hold to describe much more. and be held accountable for their increased duties. Presently.

it’s market place unit. one of three divisional units. tallies eBay’s abroad operations. As the company expands into more foreign markets. what changes may take topographic point in its organisational construction?In your sentiment. what alterations should be made to suit farther abroad enlargement? •As eBay expands into more foreign markets.

eBay will hold to farther evolve and let for a more state centralised executing of its policies and director control. I can surely see that in states that have a high spiritual influence. such as the Muslim dominated hierarchy. spiritual dictates will command how eBay nowadayss itself. In the Koran it states that you are non allowed to gain off another. This holds true in illustrations like banking.However in some democracies eBay is being stifled in its ability to necessitate payments thru PayPal. as the book states an illustration of Australian authorities.

restricting eBay’s ability to necessitate payment thru PayPal ( Griffin. 2012 ) . To farther accommodate enlargement into these diversified markets eBay will of class have to follow spiritual principles. authorities ordinances and let for more targeted merchandises. It would be unwise of eBay to let many points that are permitted in democracies and free thought states to be purchased in a more conservative state.In the conservative states.

the possible purchasers can still purchase off eBay USA. This type of targeted merchandising of their system has created eBay of Canada. eBay of USA. and eBay of Australian.

eBay of Belgium and so on ( whoweare ) . Because of eBay’s presence in over 30 states. yet PayPal is merely used in 16 states. eBay and PayPal are making what is necessary to spread out in the free thought counties. However eBay and PayPal are non now in any Muslim type state and this will necessitate a new manner of thought and making concern.Some merchandises can non be purchased anyplace but the USA.

so the states that do non hold an eBay site. can utilize any of the 30 states eBay has a concern in and if the purchaser wants a USA merely merchandise he or she can purchase from the USA. In add-on to its 3 divisional units. eBay has 3 functional units-finance. human resources and legal-all of which are reported straight to the CEO. As the company grows and expands into more foreign markets.

what changes may impact the functions of these units in its organisational construction? The functional units of-finance. human resources and legal-all of which are reported straight to the CEO. will of class have to alter the manner the provide information to the CEO.

I would think that mid-line directors would interpret information signifier specific states that they are in charge of into a more USA type study. I see a mini Chief executive officer of every division or state. all traveling information translated from local currency. human resources and legal. into a study. that is sent to a centralized eBay bureau. that in bend. will describe to the chief CEO of the USA.

The sum of information coming from 30 different states with 30 different types of similar and radically different. legal and moral systems would be a incubus for one Chief executive officer to measure. So in consequence eBay would necessitate a cardinal information processing system for the information to flux. to let for different sum-ups for the CEO to entree. this is wholly possible to make with an on-line plan that can be accessed from the USA or anyplace there are cyberspace or phone services.As stated. each functional unit will take on more information and may even hold to whirl off into a more targeted per state or market control country.

By utilizing a information base eBay will hold the ability to watch existent clip net incomes and loses. There are some setoff to utilizing this type of informations for a concern scenario. the information is merely every bit good as what is entered and eBay will necessitate to make audits and confirmation of all informations before doing any major alterations in each state or in each division. What changes in its external environment are likely to impact the online-auction industry in the following few old ages?What impact might these alterations have on the organisational construction of eBay and its chief rivals? •Some of the alterations in its external environment that are likely to impact the online-auction industry in the following few old ages would be rather simple to theorize on. I would say the merchandise type.

handiness. transportation costs. alterations in eBay classs. alterations in ethical motives and spiritual associations. are merely a few factors that will impact the on-line auction industry.

Acquisitions and hunt engines besides affect the industry straight.The ability to travel with the alterations created by eBay or those that affect eBay. will prove the organisations ability to do a net income and remain in the market. In the Skype acquisition eBay has already seen major letdowns. but non losingss. Sellers merely don’t like the merchandise and many purchasers feel the same ( discuss ) . The best move eBay made was its purchase of PayPal.

PayPal injected itself into the eBay market topographic point by offering the Sellerss 10. 00 to utilize their services and paid 10. 00 for any referrals.Sellers flocked to this type of payment program when it was offered in 1999 ( lands ) . I have sold on eBay since its origin as “eBay” and the motion to PayPal was amazing.

This is why eBay bought out this start up in less than 3 old ages after PayPal introduced itself into the market. Now any site that has a merchandise online will most likely accept PayPal as a payment. even eBay’s rivals like virago.

Yahoo and U-bid. While Amazon does non officially accept PayPal. it does let you to pay for its merchandises with this service ( Amazon ) .


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