E-COMMERCE accessed anywhere in the world using

E-COMMERCEIN CONTEXT COURSEWORK STUDENTNO: 55160 1.IntroductionThe purpose of this report isto explain the use and importance of 8 unique features of E-commerce technologywithin the website of MC Ltd.   Accordingto an article on Network Solutions, Selling Online accessedon the 25/10/17, E-commerce is the any type of business or commercialtransaction that involves the exchange of information online or across theinternet. E-commerce allows the consumers to exchange of goods or services withno time barriers or distances across the world. The Internet itself is anetwork of thousands of networks and computers linking businesses, educationalinstitutions, governments and individuals using various websites Laudon, C.and Traver G.

(2017), E-Commerce and the web itself a popular service providing access toinformation, goods and services across the world. 1.1UbiquityMC Ltd is has ubiquity thatits website can be accessed anywhere in the world using their website addressmcltd.weebly.com.

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The home page has tabs for the user or consumer to click forthe any information that is required. The ubiquity with e-commerce reducestransaction costs and convenient for the customer. This ubiquity allows thecompany to allow products and services to be available virtually all the timeto have an advantage over other competitors in the market, Encyclopedia.comassessed 07/11/2017.

1.2Global ReachThe company’s website can beassessed anywhere in the world and at any time, so consumers can browse totheir satisfaction. The global reach with the company website enables crossborder, cultural and multi-national reach for users.

According to CollinsEnglish Dictionary global reach of a company or industrial means the ability tohave customers in many different parts of the world. In additional ECommerce.com 07/11/2017, the internet permits commercialtransactions to cross cultural and national boundaries which also increases thereach of the business. The Internet aids e-commerce for customers livinganywhere so long as there is internet access as opposed to physical brick andmortal companies.  The internet allowscheaper advertisement cost anywhere in the world without extra expense comparedto local television, radio and newspaper specific to local area.1.3 Universal StandardsThe company has universalstandards on its website whereby the information is presented in English alsoin manner that is straight forward to access the information wanted. Accordingto the European University website accessed on the25/10/17, due to the universalstandards set on the internet this helps lower entry market costs for thesupplier and lower search costs for consumers.

This is further sited by UNITARInternational University website, that this benefits buyers with reduced searchcosts and price discovery. The reduced search costs come about as products inthe market are located all over the world and price discovery as that priceaccepted in the market place by both the seller and buyer. 1.4Information RichnessThe company’s website hasenough information richness by providing its history and allowing users toassess inside what the company is doing and to follow them online. The websitefurther provides text, audio and video for the consumer easy of browsingwithout the company incurring further costs which would easily be passed on theconsumers.

According to Daft and Lengel (1986) define information richness as”the ability of information to change understanding within a time interval” andthis is based on how feedback can immediately be received, channels available,language website use, and the degree information is focused on the recipient. 1.5InteractivityMC Ltd is interactive as itsusers when accessing, have the chance to fill in a form online and request anyfurther information that is not available on the website or any other queries.This interaction between the MC Ltd and consumer helps both ways to access theright specified goods or service that the consumer would require. 1.6 Information DensityThe website has enoughinformation density for the consumers to satisfy themselves about to theproducts that company sells and services it provides so that these can becompared to other competitors if there is a need.1.7 PersonalisationPersonalisation is mainobjective of the company to modify cars according to the owner’s specificationand liking.

The company involves the consumers in the process for them toobtain what they want. E-commerce allows the personalisation of the MC Ltdwebsite to target individuals as well as groups without extra costs. Accordingto the Retail Minded website accessed 08/11/2017, the trick with E Commerce iswho fast it’s changing to make the lives of consumers to be simpler and easierin the market place.

  MC Ltd is usingsocial technology trends which are aiding the company with apps and socialmedia like youtube, so that the consumer can visually see what is on offer. Thecompany’s website also gives an opportunity for consumers to provide feedbackwhich allows MC Ltd to tailor to the consumer’s needs for the future. 2. The importance ofsocial-commerce technology to create competitive advantage for MC LtdSocial-commercetechnology is the process to encourage your potentialcustomers to become fans of your company’s products or services.

This processis a way of making these customers engage with your business in a way oftrapping them, Laudon C. andTraver G. (2017). This process expects toencourage these fans to also pass on the goodwill word regarding these productsor services so that the company creates a fanbase in the market that is betterthan its competitors through sales or services. The above authors break down this process into five steps i.e.

fanacquisition, engagement, amplification, community and brand strength (sales). 2.1 Fan Acquisition –  MC Ltd has used its website by using colourful images andtabs inviting consumer to browse and acquire the required goods or services. Thisis the way by which sellers try to attract consumers through processes likeadvertisement using the social media.  Theseads are done through sites like Facebook, newsfeeds, and pop ups extra theseinvite participants and promise them gifts like coupons, contests or freeservices and gifts, for inviting friends or family.

2.2 Engagement – MC Ltd usesnext stage of the process with their website making consumers look at theproducts and services it offers. This makes them browse through goods orservices with various tags whereby they can also interact with the sellers forfurther information.2.3 Amplification – At this stageMC Ltd uses pages like review tab to show satisfaction of customers alreadyserved expecting charter between themselves on the web with satisfied customersto new or expectant customers.2.4 Community – MC Ltdwebsite is easy to access and keeping web browsers busy with a web page for anyinquiries with slogans “we would love to hear from you, please feel free to askany questions by filling in the form bellow”, hence a form fill in for ease ofuse.

2.5 Brand Strength (sales) – MC Ltd after achieving above stages, the end game isincreasing sales and broadening the business in market. The website has got apage offering offers for products and services which are current.On the otherhand, VanWest Media website accessed 08/11/2017 published a blog that social commerce is the use of social networkswithin the context of e commerce transactions with 6cs of social commerce.These include content, community, commerce, context, connection, conversationand further commitment. Content – this refers to the relevant information that is offered onMC Ltd website that consumers rely on for goods and services. Community – this again refers to the internet where both the MC Ltd andconsumers use the social network to communicate with the network using socialmedia.

Commerce – that is developing business (MC Ltd) to consumertransactions and dealings between business to business (MC Ltd wholesalers) viaa transactional web presence.Context –  MC Ltd on itswebsite information is simple and clear consumers with web pages like the Homepage, “About us” regarding MC Ltd, Products offered, Gallery of differentproducts and services, Review pages, special offers and how to contact MC Ltd.Connection – MC Ltd would like to develop relationships with itsconsumers and future consumers as compared amplification above regardingdeveloping, retention and new consumers hence the button for contact.Conversation – Once the company has connected or attracted consumers theymust use social media to keep them interested with products and services usingtabs like “Like” to keep them browser MC Ltd website.

3. Thesignificance of digital marketing when developing an e-commerce websiteAccording toLaudon, C. and Traver G. (2017), there are some factors that MC Ltd must considerwhen development an e-commerce website: -i.

Knowingyour revenue and budgetii. Are yourprimarily B2B, B2C or bothiii. Do yourproducts or services on any marketplaceiv.

Userexperience and design needs i.e. research, design site architecture andwireframev. Featuresfor example catalogue management, content management and personalisation etcvi.

Do youuse 3rd party integrations e.g. email marketing, accounting,customer relationship management etcvii. MC Ltdmust know their goals whether the website growth is short or long termWhen developing a website, MC Ltd shoulddevise a strategy by defining exactly what it wants to achieve. According toBlyth A (2013) “once you are clear about what you want to achieve and what yourvisitors want from your site you will be able to devise your sitearchitecture”.

Chaffey D (2006) further adds that its “needed to provideconsistent direction for an organisation’s e-marketing activities”. MC Ltdshould first consider SWOT Analysis for strategic development for the digitalmarketing website.  Laudon C and Traver G(2013) developed a website system development life cycle which MC Ltd shouldconsider. Laudon, C. and Traver G.(2013)  According to the authors in the systemdevelopment life circle, the system analysis stage is where MC Ltd will startwith the planning or the idea of how the garage website will look like and whatthey want the customer to see.

In the analysis stage MC Ltd to review, identifyimprovements and development requirements, functional and behaviour modelsetc.  In the system design and buildingstage this consists of the plans or architecture of the website with detailedmodels of the website, application specifications and project standards. Thisis followed by implementation, testing, project sign off with checks andbalances of the website.Furthermore, the following below should beconsidered in the development of an MC Ltd e-commerce website: -i. Responsive Design i.e. considerationshould be given mobile users as a lot of customers are using mobile devices todo their shoppingii. Support Guest Checkouts must beincluded in the development as not all customers would want to create anaccount but just to shop and check out and for the customers who createaccounts a follow up should be created as this normally leads to further sales.

This account creation will help MC Ltd with Email Marketing to show brandawareness, showcase new products, offer specials and advertise upcoming sales.iii. Site search is important and allowsthe customer to search for what they are looking for, so different pages fordifferent products for ease of the customer browsingiv. Security is essential in the form ofencryption as customer credit card and payment details need to be securev. Optimize site performance is essentialas browse speed due time constraints, sites should be able to load easily. Itwould be helped if MC Ltd used search engines like google for quality oftraffic.Afterabove with website system development life circle set in place MC Ltd must lookat the e-commerce website search engine optimization trends in the market orones expected in the market for the website to stand out.

Its important to lookout for search engines that would generate traffic towards the company.  Search engines like google would be anadvantage due to speed to boost your market. MC Ltd product and service pageswould be the contact between the company and the customer. The site should alsosupport and allow updates accordingly, so the customer receives the latestinformation regarding MC Ltd products and services.

According to ComputerWeekly.com it’s important to create content that is shareable, also engaging toconsumers and the structure of website which makes online shopping easy andpleasant. With the development of website consideration should made to makeroom for the use of social media like Facebook as this is main trend forwebsites due to advancing technology.4. Address key areas the management needs regardingsecurity and legal issues.

4.1 Accordingto Laudon and Laudon (2015) Security refers to the policies, procedures, andtechnical measures used to prevent unauthorized access, alteration, theft orphysical damage to information systems”. Developing a website companies shouldbe aware of security risks that the internet poses. Internet threats come inform of viruses, worms and trojan horses. Further some programmes are developedas adware, spyware and malware to advertise, spy and disrupt internet systems.Hackers develop programmes to phish to gain confidential information, some areused for cyber vandalism and others for credit card fraud or identity theft.Laudon and Laudon further advise on control methods, policies and organisationalprocedure that needs to put in place to counter security threats.

4.2 In 2016 there were various cyber-attacks including ransomattacks from security organisations, hospitals and the USA elections. The topfive internet attack trends in 2016, the first attack on a billion users ofyahoo which was breached twice putting internet users at risk. Yahoo had to askits users to change their passwords so that their financial, personal and emailwould be secure.  The next attack wasransomware whereby there was a 600% rise according Computer Weekly.com, with40% of businesses attacked with only 50% of those business recovering theirdata and only 5% of them managing to pay the ransom though detection-ware hasimproved in 2017. The main businesses which were attacked were small and mediumsize businesses as the big ones are much aware of the security concerns due tohaving bigger budgets.

  The third one wasthe failure for companies to implement the long-time website system developmentlife cycle. The web development life cycle is supposed to be implemented throughoutthe company’s life time to iron out the weak spots and managing securitythreats. The fourth issue in 2016 was regarding web security due to theshutting down of internet sites for companies both profit and non-profit.  This situation was caused by new devices likemobile technology and architecture structure which presented vulnerabilitieswhere malware stole around $50millions worth of bitcoins stored in blockchains.

4.3 2016Security versus adaptive future threatsSecuritytrends in 2017 should include creating intelligent systems recognizing thecontinuous stream of big streaming data. These intelligent systems or artificial intelligence should be able tolearn and improve to attack, adapt and manage these alerts or treats.

Thefuture threats include cloud security as a lot of companies and the public areusing borderless technology for various activities. According to Artic WolfNetworks online the next trend which could achieved by year 2020 is bycompanies outsourcing security as a primary choice.  Cloud security in the future is supposed tobe cheaper, faster, better for generic use purposes as majority of companies donot have the capability and knowhow to manage cyber security. The one trend ine-commerce website development for the near future which analysts on theinternet are discussing is called Mesh app and service architecture (MASA).This is where there is a dynamic connection between people, service, technologywith a service driven architecture with a mesh connection technology.

4.4 TechTargeton Computer Weekly.com further suggests starting with a secure web serverconfiguration and Microsoft provides a free Baseline Security Analyzer andbenchmarks with scoring tool guideline which checks for missing securityupdates. They also advise to protect web servers with layered defences withapplications like firewall, intrusion detection system, antimalware andantispyware. Microsoft further recommends for security static and dynamic codeanalyse which comes in practise during the website development life cycle totest for vulnerabilities and logic flaws. To further implement a web serverdigital certificate so that all traffic to travel over SSL/TLS to avoid eavesdroppingand cyber-attacks to provide the highest level of assurance.

Security ofcredit, debit and cash card transactions to be protected against misuse oftheir personal information using a Payment Card Industry Data Security System(PCI DSS). In addition to this security to implement a Distributed Denial ofService (DDoS) plan to prevent attacks with cyber technology from companiessuch CloudFare or Prolexic which develops faster than the attackers.Conclusion.

This report introduced 8 unique features of e-commerce technology with MCLtd website development. E-Commerce is a business that involves the exchange ofinformation or service online as this allows the exchange of goods and servicesno barriers across borders.  Furthersocial-commerce technology encourages potential customers to become fans of thecompany’s products and services. Social commerce uses website platforms whichmust go through website system development life cycle. Internet websites mustbe protected due to various attacks by developers and hackers to keep customerinformation and details safe from any threats


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