DYNAMIC SWITCHING OF WPAN AND WLANAbstractions:Wireless Local Area Networks ( WLAN ) and Wireless Personal Area Networks ( WPAN ) works under the unaccredited ISM set. Through the proposed dynamic exchanging mechanism based on perpendicular handover ( VHO ) , the WLAN and WPAN intervention is reduced and the throughput of the two systems is significantly improved at the disbursal of a little extra hold in the transportation of informations traffic. VHO aims at supplying service continuity and maximise throughput while restricting the so called “ping-pong effect” .

The proposed algorithms can be applied either when WLAN and WPAN are able to interchange information every bit good as when they operate independently of one another. We propose two coexistence mechanisms basedon thepower degree of the familial signal and package traffichold scheduling. It focuses on developing Simulink theoretical accounts for the coexistence of WLAN and WPAN protocols and the public presentation rating of these theoretical accounts.Keywords-Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, IEEE 802.

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11b, IEEE802.11g, Coexistence, perpendicular handover.

  1. Introduction

Future tendencies in the radio engineering are to portion and exchange informations between the different radio engineering. The future devices can able to portion the information over the same frequence scope with the aid of Vertical handover. The Vertical handover helps to accomplish this by exchange of informations between the different radio engineerings. So by utilizing this we can utilize the best from the engineering and we can research more characteristics such as power degree decrease informations rate increase and the addition in scope of operation. The IEEE 802.

15 working group is working on the development of intervention issues of WPAN engineering. They proposed two techniques to cut down intervention caused by other engineering runing in the same frequence set ; these are collaborative coexistence mechanism and non-collaborative coexistence mechanisms. The collaborative coexistence mechanism helps in sharing the informations between two different radio nodes including WLAN and WPAN, where as the non-collaborative attack is unable to portion informations between the two radios engineerings like WLAN and WPAN. This paper is sing the attack of collaborative coexistence mechanism to portion the information between the two radio engineerings. Harmonizing to the IEEE 802.15 working group the sharing of informations take topographic point through the adaptative radio medium entree control mechanism, 2nd attack is by utilizing the package transportation entree, and 3rd attack is by utilizing the intervention decrease mechanism.

The hereafter trends in the nomadic holding equipped with the different signifiers of connectivity ( nomadic wireless interfaces ) . Therefore the power ingestion of an nomadic by these connectivity is an step issue. If the systems are able to exchange harmonizing to their demand intelligently, so devices can use the maximal sum of power.

  1. Wireless local area network

The IEEE 802.

11b criterion is a specification forWireless Local Area Networks ( WLAN ) .Wi-Fi systems transmit informations in the 2.4GHz ISM set. Data is transmitted on BPSK and QPSK configurations at 11Msps. A comparatively big extra bandwidth ( or bandwidth enlargement factor ) is used for the pulse-shaping filter, Wi-Fi merchandises transmit at informations rates up to 11Mbps.

Typically, Wi-Fi devices operate atdistances up to 100 metres, range tend to alter as per the conditions.This engineering based on CSMA/CA medium entree with a positive MAC bed recognition and a retransmission mechanism that aids noisy channel extension status and eventual undetected hits. Today, WLAN standard defines high rate informations throughputs ; such as the IEEE 802.11b with a maximal throughput of 11Mbps and the IEEE 802.11g with maximal throughput of 54Mbps.

Both IEEE 802.11b and 802.11g operate at the 2.4 GHz set.

Typically, WLAN devices operate within 100 metres of distance scope depending on the environing environment. While, the IEEE 802.11b utilizes direct sequence spread spectrum ( DSSS ) utilizing complementary codification keying ( CCK ) transition, IEEE 802.

11g is based on the extraneous frequence division multiplexing ( OFDM ) transition technique and the CCK transition for backward compatibility with 802.11b.Wi-Fi has advantage of high informations rate but at an disbursal of high power degree. Data rate of a Wi-Fi engineering increasing with advancement.Wi-Fi working on 1, 2 5.5,11 Mbps.

  1. WPAN

The IEEE 802.15 criterion is a specification forWireless personal Area Networks ( WPAN ) .

Bluetooth is convenient low power radiofrequency connectivity for short-range communications. It can be used to replace the overseas telegrams linking Portable/fixed electronic devices build ad-hoc webs or supply data/voice entree points.In the 2.4GHz ISM set, the usage of spread spectrum is compulsory. Although DSSS can accomplish higher information rate ( 11Mbps for 802.11b criterion ) , FHSS has its advantage of low cost, low power, better security. FHSS besides handles near-far job better, since it will efficaciously barricade out-of-band signals. Sing the possible applications of Bluetooth, FHSS is a better solution.

The skiping sequence is calculated utilizing the master’s Bluetooth Device Address. It hops to every 1MHz channel with equal chance. Its 1600hops/sec fast skiping rateis adequate to get the better of slow attenuation in most indoor environment Bluetooth devices can pass on at scopes of up to 10 metres.

Bluetooth devices do non necessitate to be in direct sight of each other.This makes Bluetooth connectivity much more flexible and robust. The features of Bluetooth engineering low cost, low power, and wireless based encouraged the construct of a personal country web ( PAN ) . A PAN envelops the user in a little, nomadic bubble of connectivity that is effortlessly available at any clip.

Bluetooth’s freedom from overseas telegrams and potentialubiquity make it ideal for transporting your personal web around with you.


In this attack of perpendicular handover, Bluetooth transmitter direct informations by utilizing FHSS utilizing GFSK transition when the receiving system sensitiveness is minimal at that clip transportation of informations will non take topographic point therefore at that clip attack of perpendicular handovercame to existence.For this attack of exchanging we are utilizing Friis transmittal equation which calculates the standard power degree as per the distance standards. Bluetooth holding runing scope of 10 m so beyond the 10 m distance the power degree required to have by an sender is minimal at that clip it will wait for 5 to 10 MSs to look into whether the connexion is available or non.If after waiting besides no signal received at the receiving system at that clip Wi-Fi web will get down to work.

Therefore by utilizing received signal strength we can gauge the available web.Sensitivity is the ability of the receiving system to feel the signal for the Bluetooth sensitiveness is in the scope of -50dbm ( 10pw ) . When the Bluetooth crosses the 10 m distance at that clip receiver power is below the sensitiveness of the Bluetooth receiving system at that clip the standard power degree can be used as the enabling signal for the Wi-Fi system.If we set -50.

001 dbm as a triping signal to trip the Wi-Fi transceiver can exchange from one web to another by utilizing ( RSSI ) .

  • Related Work
  • Simulation RESULTS
  • Switch overing mechanism consider for the system usingfriis equation which we can implement in Simulink by imitating distance by utilizing the expression ofSpeed for a normal human being is consider to be 0.

    125m/s. Addition of the sender and receiving system is taken as 5 dubnium transmit power of an category 3 Bluetooth utilizing a power of 1 mw ( 0dbm ) .wavelength is changing from 2.4ghz to 2.

    483ghz.as per this the wavelength will change from 0.125m to.120m.the exchanging mechanism is as shown below802.11 accommodates a most extreme transmission speed

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