During be killed to reach his ‘ideal’

During WW2 the Nazis had multiple death camps in which Jews were imprisoned, tortured and killed if they were found to be weak or unfit for service. The biggest death camp was Auschwitz otherwise known as Auschwitz-Birkenau. It opened in 1940 and it ¬†was abandoned in 1945 as the Soviet Army became closer to Auschwitz it was ordered to be abandoned. Adolf Hitler ordered for Auschwitz to be built along with other death camps to reach to what he called the ‘Final Solution’. The ‘Final Solution’ was that every Jew to be killed to reach his ‘ideal’ situation for Europe. Auschwitz is located in Oswiecim, Poland on what used to be a military base. When the Jews arrived to Auschwitz they were inspected by doctors that deemed them either fit for work or unfit for work.

People who were deemed unfit for work included : pregnant women, children and the elderly. They were sent to gas chambers to be killed and were never registered as Auschwitz inmates. (History)It is estimated that 1.

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1 million people out of 1.3 million people were killed in the death camp of Auschwitz. The second figure is the amount of people who were sent to Auschwitz. This is a rough estimation as a majority of the people killed in Auschwitz were not recorded because they were killed in gas chambers meaning that they were never recorded as inmates of the death camp. This is why it is so difficult to put an exact number to the amount of people who died at Auschwitz. Most of the People who were killed in Auschwitz were Jews and they were civilians. However it is estimated that 15000 Soviet prisoners of war were killed in Auschwitz.

In addition when the Nazis ordered the evacuation of Auschwitz many of the records were destroyed before the evacuation of the camp which also adds to the fact that the number of civilian casualties was unable to be specified. (USHMM)The first video is an interview with an Auschwitz Survivor by the name of Henry Oster. He was 15 years old when he was sent to the camp from the Lodz Ghetto. His parents were killed in front of him and he was forced to work in agriculture. On April 11 1945 he was liberated by the US Third Army and was sent to an orphanage home in France. He was later sent to California in the United States to live with his Aunt and Uncle.

Henry became an orthodontist and ran a practice for 60 years before his retirement. Henry Oster is now 89 years of age. This video was a short documentary documenting the story of Henry Oster as a Holocaust Survivor.The second video is an interview with an Auschwitz Survivor called Eva Mozes Kor. She was a twin from two sisters and her sister was called Miriam. She was one of the Mengele twins as Josef Mengele performed his experiments on the both of them. In 1945 Eva and her family arrived at Auschwitz.

Eva and her sister were used in 2 types of experiments. The first type of experiment was that they would put her and her sister in a room naked and measure every part of their bodies and compare them to one another. The second type of experiment Eva and her sister were involved in was that they would take blood from their left arms and inject them with multiple injections in their right arms. The content of those injections are unknown to this day. In 1945 they were liberated from Auschwitz by the Soviet Army. Miriam died on June 6 1993.

Significant Individuals:Josef Mengele was a Nazi Doctor. He was known as the Angel of Death or White DeathHe worked as one of the doctors in Auschwitz.Josef Mengele was one of the most significant individuals in the Auschwitz Camp. He served mostly on ” Selection Duty”. Selection Duty was to select the Jews who were unfit for work and them to be put in gas chambers.He also worked in the experimentation of the genetics of the human body.

He was ordered by Hitler to find new ways in developing a larger Aryan Master Race (Blonde, Blue Eyes, Not Jewish). He also was infamous for the experimentation of twins to create a fast developing Aryan Master Race and find new ways to increase the birth rate. He was known for his cruel experiments on humans.

He ‘studied’ eye color by injecting serum into the eyes of children. He also would inject chloroform into the hearts of twins to study there deaths.He performed these experiments on Jewish kids and many of them suffered from agonizing pain and dozens of twins would die as a result of his unbearable experiments.


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