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During chapter 5, Bilbo baggins( a hobbit) woke up, and when he woke up he saw that there little horses were getting pulled into a big crack that’s on the cave wall that the Bilbo and the thirteen dwarves including Gandalf were staying at. Then bilbo  yelled,  and a  bunch of goblins came jumping at him, then one the goblins caught Bilbo and the thirteen dwarves which they tied up and carried them to their base, all the members of the group except  for Gandalf.

The green goblins carried bilbo along with the thirteen dwarves  inside the  huge mountain cliff that has a huge space where the king Goblin was. The king goblin asked the dwarves about what they were doing in an area like this. While Thorin was trying to explain about the stormy nightfall they had and which they needed to find shelter,  then one of the weird looking goblins brought out the sword that Thorin got while they were exploring the area where the trolls kept things that belonged to innocent beings walking through the forest that have been eaten, and  he was carrying the sword when they got captured. All the goblins know about the sword named Orcrist, because it has killed a lot of goblins and is also called the goblin cleaver.The goblins were getting mad when they saw the sword  and the king Goblin tried to eat Thorin. Then suddenly, the torches went  dark, and the fire in the middle of the chamber was thrown and the sparks of the flame hitted  the goblins. In the darkness, the sword Orcrist flashed and brought down the king Goblin. Then a sound of someone’s voice calls out to them  and guides the dwarves out of the cavern.

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That mysterious voice was Gandalf’s, who also helped the dwarves through the passages and deeper into the mountains. several goblins tried to follow them quickly, but they didn’t catch up to them except  one which caught up to Dori, who was carrying Bilbo on his back. Dori tried to make that single goblin to fall but he didn’t realize that the one that fell was Bilbo hits his head on the ground, and loses conscious.


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