Due personnel, including nurses, is being identified

Due to the retirement and declining age of those born in the “baby boomer” era, the problem is going downhill quickly.  Between 2010 and 2030, the population of elderly will increase 75 percent to 69 million, meaning one in five Americans will be a senior citizen (Grant). This aging population and rise of chronic disease will create a major demand for nurses. There is a growing realization among health care providers that this decline will leave thousands of centers without staff to meet the care needs of their   patients. For the lack of nurses, many hospitals, especially in large cities, have had to take beds temporarily out of service.

Forfeiting revenues, and causing patients to find somewhere else to go. Proposed SolutionThe nursing field is filled with an abundance of opportunities, but the profession is becoming less popular and being affected by huge obstacles. Whether it’s being affected by budget cuts, disease outbreaks, and arguably the worst, a shortage of nurses in the field.

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The lack of qualified health personnel, including nurses, is being identified as one of the biggest problems to increasing health system effectiveness. The solution is to create a group of people responsible for recruiting and creating more opportunities for people in high school to gain the preliminary certifications. Adding this group and potentially adding more nurses to the workforce will improve the mental health of current health care workers, the workplace, and the quality of care for patients. SupportThe U.S. has been dealing with a nursing deficit of varying degrees for decades.

Today, we have the rising of chronic diseases, an aging nursing workforce, and a limited capacity of nursing schools. This shortage is on the brink of becoming a crisis. To put this into perspective, 7% of nurse faculty positions nationwide remain vacant, 78,000 applicants to bachelor and advanced-degree nursing programs were turned away last year because of lack of faculty available to teach them (Robeznieks).

Hospital patients typically spend far more time with several nurses over the course of their stay than with the physicians who are in charge of their care. Nurses are essential to all medical practices. When a center is understaffed it causes nurses to ignore needs of patients that might be too time consuming or are not life threatening but have the potential to become an emergency. When a nurse is given responsibility of caring for ten or more patients at a time, there is too much to do and too many specific needs to address. When these needs go ignored, patients get injured. Medicare penalizes hospitals for readmitting too many patients within 30 days of discharge, a full nursing staff is one way to reduce readmissions. Understaffing ultimately leads to burnout and nurses’ quitting their jobs.

Self-reported depression, anxiety, sleep disturbance, memory impairment and neck- and back pain is extremely common among nurses. Nursing is both physically and mentally demanding. Working for twelve or more hours at a time puts an extreme amount of pressure on the mind and body of nurses. Increasing the number of nurses would help to relieve some of the hours nurses are currently working. Nurses work long hours under stressful conditions which could lead to mistakes and possibly harm the patients. Nurse Laura Leclaire  supports this with “It’s very stressful. This isn’t-we’re shuffling papers.

These are patients lives, I mean. And we make one little mistake and it could–it could harm the patient.” “The pressure is much higher than it used to be”, she says (“Nursing Shortage in Critical Stage”) This strain caused by schedule takes a very large toll on the nurses who are really doing the most. Strained nurses can struggle to adequately care or provide the best care in the scope of skills. Limitations and ObstaclesWith the declining age of current nurses and increase in retirements, this shortage will not stop until a solution that brings nurses into the field is implemented. The average age for nurses in the field as of January 2017, was 50 years old.

10,000 baby boomers are retiring every day — the government projects the nation will need to train and employ a million new and replacement nurses between now and the middle of the next decade (Bolton et al). Losing this many nurses causes a lot of concern because in order to educate high school students and give more opportunities to people of younger age and recruit them into the field requires people to teach these students. To encourage nurses to stay in the field and assist as an educator near the latter part of their career, a bonus should be given to nurses who are willing to share their years of knowledge and experience with younger students. Having an instructor who is extremely knowledgeable will be the most beneficial in creating smart, quick, and skilled nurses.

The main cause for shortage of nurses is because of the poor work conditions for nurses. Nurses are treated unfairly in the workplace. The American Nurses Association believes that the United States (US) Health Care Industry has failed to make a workplace that is safe and treats nurses with respect. This has had significant impact on recruiting nurses and keeping nurses in the workforce for years to come. Pay rates also continue to be a problem, and it fuels the nursing shortage for obvious reasons. Nurses will leave the workforce and pursue other, higher paying careers because of unfair wages and benefits.

Another obstacle is just the fact that not everyone wants to be a nurse. Especially when there is word of how bad the conditions and benefits are. The nursing field will be unable to compete with the plethora of other career opportunities unless there are improved working conditions, increased compensations and facilities provide clinical practice opportunities and responsibilities that match the registered nurse’s knowledge and skill (Nursing Shortage).


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