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Due to the importance of early detection andtreatment of GDM knowing the prevalence of it in the community will help tofocus more on it and point out if this community has an increasing risk factorsto have it .

Which is finally will lead to help in reducing those risk factors. the most important risk factors for GDM are maternal age, obesity, and familyhistory of diabetes according to a study done by Jovanovic L, Pettitt DJ 1 accordingto a study done in australia GDM prevalence differs in deferent areas aroundthe world , for example In Australia, it was found to be more prevalence in womenwhose born in   China or India than in women whose born inEurope or Northern Africa2 . In Europe, GDMhas been found to be more common among Asian women than European women 3 In India, another study found that GDM was foundto be more common in women living in cites than in women living in rural areas 4 and in another data showing that GDM increased by ?16–127% in almost all race/ethnicity groups during the past 20 years.2,5-10 All studies on GDM prevalence done around the world andon different race/ethnicity groupsfound an increase in GDM in all the groups , that is mean that GDM prevalence is increasing  . but , the studies could not find a distinguishingfactors  between women who have a realunderlying diabetes from those who returned to normal glucose level after delivery. the increase of incidences in younger women may be a sign that the riskfactors of GDM increased in younger  women more than older women.

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And another problemwas that none of the studies had information about maternal BMI, which is themost important  risk factor for GDMaround the world which is so important because its modifiable  11 It is soimportant to know the risk factors of GDM not only to predict the prevalence ofGDM, but also to recognize the women at risk and prevent the incidence GDM  in those having the risk factors . the health systemshave a real problem due to this increase in prevalence of GDM and getting toknow the risk factors specially the modifiable risk factors and the prevalencewill help in the prevention and reducing the incidences of GDM  Therefore, this will reduce the needed resourcesto manage the glycemic levels during pregnancy and reduce adverse effects onthe mother and her child. A study done by Kim C, Newton KM, Knopp RH fond thata ?50%of women with GDM are expected to develop type 2 diabetes within 5 years of thepregnancy 12 In conclusion, a true increase inthe prevalence of GDM, aside from its adverse consequences for the infants inthe newborn period, it might contribute to the increasing prevalence ofdiabetes and obesity in mother and her offspring . The long-term effects of GDMon the offspring will not be known for decades which make the GDM one of themost needed subjects to be fully understood . so as we now knows the dangerous consequenceson the long and short term and knowing the prevalence of GDM is the first stepto start in understanding and preventing its incidences and effects  


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