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Drugs In Sport Essay, Research PaperDRUGS IN SPORT prepared by Wade Clark, Year 12 Health and Physical Education 1. Introduction When the subject of drugs in athletics is raised, images of muscle-bound jocks, pumped up with anabolic steroids, come to mind. Performance heightening drugs have tarnished the image of many athleticss over the last few decennaries.

Drugs in Sport is a wide term used to mention to the issues associated with the usage of forbidden substances by jocks to derive an unjust advantage over their oppositions. In recent times, this issue has received high degrees of media and public attending peculiarly in relation to Olympic and World Championships. In Australia, the National Rugby League ( NRL ) competition has been rocked by a figure of high profile participants proving positive for public presentation enhancing substances.

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Australian jocks and athletics functionaries have besides been involved in incidents affecting jocks and prescribed anodynes and illicit recreational drugs including cocaine and hemp. These issues have created a batch of confusion with respect to the drugs in athletics argument. This paper will take to measure the issue of the usage of public presentation heightening drugs in athletics, showing statements both for and against the usage of these drugs. It will reason with my personal position on this of import issue. 2. Drugs in Sport Contributing Factors There are a figure of factors that may lend to an athlete misusing drugs to accomplish higher degrees of public presentation in their chosen athletics. These factors can be related to the drug itself, the individual or the environment.

There has ever been a powerful demand in people to turn out that they are stronger, faster, better, than those around them and this is a major factor that contributes to jocks taking public presentation heightening drugs. Many jocks use public presentation heightening drugs to rush up recovery and return from hurt. These jocks are under force per unit area to return rapidly from hurt to avoid a loss of income. It is besides possible that jocks would utilize drugs to help recovery and heighten their public presentation as they are concerned about losing their topographic point in their peculiar squad or squad. Sportsmen and sportsman know that money comes with success and this is a major lending factor that prompts jocks to utilize drugs. They are all good cognizant that to be affluent from athletics they need to be the best in their athletics and hence take drugs to accomplish figure one position. Another lending factor act uponing jocks is that they believe that their fellow rivals are taking drugs to help public presentation therefore an athlete feels that they besides have to take them to maintain up with their resistance. 3.

Arguments For and Against the Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs The quandary over drugs in athletics is summed up by Steve Haynes, the Chief Executive of the Australian Sports Drug Agency ( ASDA ) . He says, There will ever be gray countries because there is no clear principle for why drugs should be banned ( Sydney Morning Herald, 29 July 1992 ) . What this means is there is no obvious, defendable and absolute place sing the usage of drugs in athletics. There are obliging statements for censoring drugs and obliging statements for modulating them. 3.1 Arguments Against the Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs Athletes that choose to utilize drugs to derive an advantage in their peculiar athletics are making an unjust state of affairs for other jocks. Not merely are they doing it unjust on other jocks, they are besides destroying the public image of their peculiar sporting event. When Ben Johnson was found to hold been utilizing steroids in the Olympics and was disqualified after winning the esteemed 100m dash event, the headlines used were CHEAT.

It could be argued that a fairer system would be to let all jocks entree and controlled usage of steroids but this would be against the great moralss of athletics. Athletes who are taking public presentation heightening drugs are doing a heavy impact on their peculiar athletics. Athletes play a major portion in being function theoretical accounts for immature people and therefor are destroying the image of the game or event for the following coevals. If jocks cared for their athletics they should look after the repute of it and remain off from the usage of drugs. Performance heightening drugs can besides hold a negative impact on the physical and psychological wellness of jocks, peculiarly with anabolic steroids. Male athletes utilizing anabolic steroids place their wellness at great hazard and are frequently found to develop chests, bad acne, diminish the size of their testicles and go violent and aggressive, normally towards household, friends, managers and team-mates. Female jocks might get down turning hair in topographic points that they haven Ts had hair before, develop bad acne, halt menstruating, develop a much deeper voice and besides like their male opposite numbers, go violent towards other people.

These are merely a few of the wellness effects athletes face if they decide to take illegal public presentation heightening drugs. Anabolic steroids can consequence sportswomans and sportsman in different ways. They can see bosom disease jobs, harm to their kidney, liver and their generative system. These wellness jobs are all the major effects that tend to happen in both male and female drug users. The chief statement against the usage of drugs in athletics is that their usage is really unsafe and is unjust on other sportswomans and sportsman.

3.2 Arguments For the Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs In discoursing the contention environing the usage of public presentation heightening drugs, the issue of athlete s civil rights should be addressed. As it can be seen in the appendix, the testing processs that are carried out by functionaries go to great lengths to do everything true and just. Athletes are expected to supply a urine sample right in forepart of functionaries. Although there is a demand for a urine sample, the privateness of the jocks involved is wholly invaded. If the drug commission was to let jocks to utilize a peculiar drug of their pick, it could so be organised for physician s to supply safe degrees of safe substances. This would forestall insecure usage and allow drug taking to be controlled and monitored doing the state of affairs fairer and safer for all. Throughout the broad assortment of athleticss played, there are other athleticss that usage engineering to increase public presentation.

For illustration, breaker ski canoeists, if low-cost, have the chance to buy a scoop paddle. These peculiar paddles have an utmost advantage over normal paddles and therefore are increasing public presentation. Another illustration of this unfairness being displayed in the sporting sphere is the issue of different form, size and comfort of places that can be obtained. This could besides do it unjust on other jocks if they didn Ts have the same equipment. Therefore, it could be argued that athletics International Relations and Security Network T just anyhow, so why non let jocks to utilize drugs to obtain a similar advantage?4. Writers View In order to work out the complex job of drug usage in athletics, we need a comprehensive drug policy developed by all those affected by the issue.

Under such a policy, jocks would do a concerned attempt non to utilize any drug in athletics. These policies have to be consecutive forward and followed right by all jocks. Major punishments should happen to the jocks who are found to be transgressing these policies. If the job of drug maltreatment in athletics is non addressed, more and more jocks will non merely go on utilizing any drugs but will go dependent on their usage.

For illustration, jocks might hold to take drugs every twenty-four hours to make their ends. Harmonizing to Eichner, it is a sad commentary on human nature and society that so much attempt is spent seeking to observe and discourage drug maltreatment among jocks. But, a big-money, winning-is-everything outlook clasps much of our societal life. Since athletics mirrors society, the field of competition is a phase where athletes enact societal values. And if winning is everything, some jocks may seek anything to win. ( Eichner, Sporting Folks, 1991 ) . Over past old ages, Australia has avoided featuring drug usage allegations.

Incidents have chiefly occurred in states such as China, Russia, United States and some of the major Asiatic states. It appears that the engineering associated with crushing drug testing is about two old ages in front of engineering required to observe drug usage. In instances such as the major bad luck at the Australian Institute of Sport ( AIS ) , some managers were caught supplying drugs to their jocks and were later dismissed from of import places. The instance of one of Australia s most admired sportsman, Samantha Riley, proving positive for a banned but non needfully public presentation heightening substance is an illustration of how drug proving can do more jobs for the jock than the substance involved. Athletes should besides believe about their comparatively short-time involved in elect athletics, and inquire themselves the inquiry of will person or a company engage them if they are known to be a drug darnel. From a personal point of position, I wouldn t want to use person who has a past experience with illegal drugs. ( although it would be illegal to make so these yearss ) Many jocks these yearss are turning to natural redresss that can be found in wellness stores around Australia. Although it has been said that these natural redresss have the possible to be public presentation enhancing, the ground that they are non is that they are natural.

If these so called natural substances are public presentation heightening, they excessively should be banned from athletics as they provide an unjust advantage for jocks. Now it is going easier for jocks to happen out about any substance thanks to the aid of ASDA, who have set up a 24-hour phone hotline which can inform the jock about the substance and whether it is legal or non. Random, one-year and consistent testing in all featuring codifications can back up this service. 5. Decision This paper has evaluated the issues and concerns of jocks utilizing executing heightening drugs in athletics. It has presented statements both for and against the usage of drugs for an jock. It has concluded with the position that drug usage to heighten public presentation is unjust, insecure and non in the involvement of the athletics or young person who follow their function theoretical accounts. Information for jocks and managers supported by random, one-year and consistent testing in all featuring codifications will be the best manner to aim this issue in the best involvement of athletics.

6. References & # 8211 ; Eichner, Sporting Folks, 1991- Sports Coach, July/September 1991- Steve Haynes, Sydney Morning Herald, 29 July 1992- hypertext transfer protocol: //www.ausport.gov.au- ASDA enchiridion APPENDIX Drug Testing Procedures The Australian Sports Drug Agency ( ASDA ) was established in August 1989 and now is a statutory authorization. The ASDA carries out 3000 trials a twelvemonth at featuring events every bit good as out of season periods. Athletes to be tested are given 12 to 24 hours notice.

The bureau studies that the figure of positive trial has decreased from 3 per centum to 1.5 per centum in the period 1996-97. The proving screens jocks from a broad spectrum of athleticss. The following sampling process is the 1 used by the ASDA. 1. After an event or during preparation you will be notified by an ASDA functionary that you have been selected for a drug test.2. A chaperone will attach to you to the Drug Control Waiting Room where you will be provided with certain drinks.

You are entitled to hold a representative present.3. When you are ready to supply a sample you will be asked to roll up a sample aggregation container.4.

The chaperone must straight detect you supplying your urine sample.5. When you have provided the right sum of urine by and large 80 milliliters, you return to the Drug Control Waiting Room. Cipher but you should manage the sample.6. You will be asked to choose a brace of security theodolite containers.7. You check and open the security seals.

8. Pour the sample in to A and B bottles, seting at least 60 milliletres in the A bottle.9. Reseal the kit with new security seals.

10. The Drug Control Official checks the pH ( acidity/alkalinity ) and specific gravitation of sample. These both indicate the suitableness of the sample for testing.11.

The Drug Control Official records the sample and seal Numberss on the Drug Testing Form. You will be asked to supply contact information and declare any medicines you have used in the old week.12. The Drug Control Official will inquire you and your representative to look into all information on the Drug Testing Form, and if satisfied, subscribe the signifier. The Drug Official will besides look into and subscribe the form.13. The Drug Control Official will supply you with a transcript of the drug proving signifier.

The research lab will be sent merely the subdivision detailing the sample, seals and medicines to protect your privateness. You will so be free to travel. The samples will be sent to the research lab and the consequences will be sent to you by and large within 2 hebdomads ( Sports manager July/September, 1991 )


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