Dropouts and the Future Essay

Most students set goals in their lives as scholars to keep going to school and be someone in life. Although, sometimes it is difficult for them to keep following their dreams because many obstacles go through in their path; most of them are related with school and family. These obstacles transform into bullying, economic problems, pregnancy, and psychological problems, the four factors that influence students to lose the desire of continuing their education to, grow as a person, be responsible, and reach the goals they once set in their lives.Making fun of classmates, racism, teasing, and even threats are part of bullying, which is one of the main factors for students dropping out school.

Students decide to stop attending school for being disliked due to their differences; students do not feel safe. These make the students having an uncomfortable environment in school make them want to stop going to school so they can avoid bullying from their classmates. Some students with a good economic status believe studying to be unimportant in the belief that their parents will always be at their sides, making all decisions for them.All this, in part, is the parents fault because now days, parents worry more about having a good economic status and giving everything to their children, rather than encouraging them to keep studying.

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Parents tend to pay more attention to their jobs rather than their children, leaving them neglected and susceptible to bad influences that may led them to Illegal situations, stop caring about school, grades and the future. Pregnancy is another reason for students leaving incomplete school.Girls getting pregnant during their years of high school dropout to avoid the negative comments of their classmates and have a “better life” in which they will not be criticized because of being a teen mom. Also they drop out because is difficult for them to take care of their baby and study at the same time. Becoming a parent is never easy for teenagers. Having a baby forces them to start being responsible adults at their young age. During the past years the rate of dropouts has been increasing and researchers have tried to give solutions to this problem.According to recent studies, about “9.

8% of 16 to 24-year-old Americans […] were not enrolled in high school and had not earned a high school diploma” (Archambault et al. 409). Most of these students will receive their GED, but the GED is not enough for the students to get a decent job with a good salary. The majority of students think life is easy, therefore and they do not make the right decisions. They do not know either that with a career they can have a better job than those who just have a GED or high school diploma.Now days, managers give greater opportunities to those who had accomplished all their studies (even though they do not have the enough knowledge to work in the company), rather than those who have more experience and have not completed their studies. Students do not think about their futures when they drop out of high school. The only thing students think is wanting to run away from their problems such as bullying, or start working to sustain their family, as teen parents or low economic sources.

Researchers think that it is time for students to start appreciating their parents’ effort so they can go to college and attend to a university so they will succeed in life. According to an inquiry, “[the] percentage of students who answered Yes in response to the item ‘I want to go to high school’ was 88%” (Erkin, Okabol and Ural 114). This means that students are willing to attend a high school, but as the years go on, students start to get stressed about school. This makes students to not finish their studies or just to finish their high school but not college.In conclusion, students that do not finish high school are more likely to fail in life or work in local jobs such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Walt-Mart, HEB, or many other places in which students will earn the minimum wage. Even if students go back to school, it is a big difference because the time they have wasted working makes them forget about subjects they learned in high school that will be helpful for them in college.

Therefore, students may keep going to school and finish their career.Works CitedArchambault, Isaabelle, et al. “Adolescents Behavioral, Affective, and Cognitive Engagement in School: Relationship to Dropout.

” Journal of School Health 79 (Sep. 2008): 408-415. Academic Search Complete. Web. 10 Oct. 2012. Erktin, Emine, Rifat Okcabol, and Ozana Ural. “Examining School Related Leading to Dropout Trhough Children’s Conceptions and Experiences: Development of a Scale for Attitudes Towards Elementary School.

” Autralian Journal of Guide & Counseling 20 (Jul. 2010): 109-118. Web. 10 Oct.



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