Drivers Training Final Paper Essay

Driving is a privlage not a right so you must treat your car with respect when you are behind the wheel. If you dont there can be very bad consquences like serious injury or even death. thats why its important to always drive safely and never put yourself into situations that can be dangerious to you or other drivers on the road.

Thats why we need to have laws and rules when you drive because without those driving would be complete and utter cahous. so in order to learn these rules it is nessary to take classes like drivers training to ensure that you know all the rules of the road and all the laws so you can drive safely.Even after learning all the rules and taking all the classes you still cant be prepared enuff to drive with out help. Thats why you get your permit first so you have more time to learn and gain experience behind the wheel. Most teenagers find this annoying because they dont understand that they arnt giving you your licence right away because they want you to suffer they dont give you your licences right away because they dont want you to get into a car and hurt youself or others.But after you gain more experiecne behind the wheel you are allowed to take segment 2 of drivers training. The point of segment 2 is to make sure you are ready to drive by yourself and unsuppervised.

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This may seem like alot of work just to get your drivers licence but you instructers just want you to be safe when driving. after you have taken all the classes and drove all 50 hours you are now permited to get your restricted licences.A restriced licence is just like a normal licence but you are not allowed to drive past 10:00pm and you cant drive with more then one friend. After you turn 17 you can get your full licence and you can drive with as many friends as long as it is safe.

this may seem like a long prosess just to be able to drive but it is important because without it you are a danger to the people around you and you can injur or even kill people. Thats why it is important you use your driving privlage wisely and you are allways safe behind the wheel.


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